“Yes, I had eyelid surgery.”

The when and why. Patients share their stories.

Eyelid Surgery Cincinnati, OHThere’s no slowing down the numbers of people getting upper and/or lower eyelid surgery. This popular procedure is helping to turn back the clock and refresh the faces of women and men, ages 40 to 80.

If there’s one consistent sentiment shared among people who have “had their eyes done”, it’s that they love their younger, refreshed, brighter-eyed look and wish they had done it sooner.

Here are quick stories of three actual patients of Dr. Robert J. Smyth, face and neck rejuvenation surgeon/specialist in Cincinnati, OH, who is known for the natural, “younger-you” results patients want.

PATIENT #1 (female––56 years old)

Why did you have eyelid surgery?
I was getting plenty of rest, but people kept telling me that I looked tired, or they’d ask me what was wrong, that I looked sad or unhappy.
Comments post-procedure:
Friends say I’m looking great. They don’t know why exactly; they just know that I look better, younger, happier. Because I look better, I feel better about myself. I haven’t been this happy in years.” ––DS

PATIENT #2 (male––53 years old)

Why did you have eyelid surgery?
I work in a youth-oriented industry. I saw all of these young guys coming into the field and found myself comparing myself to them, something I had never done before. My droopy upper lids made me look older than my age. It was bothering me more than I ever thought. I’m not a vain kind of guy, but after repeated jokes about my “lids”, I decided to do something.
Comments post-procedure:
My confidence is back since having my eyes done. I feel like I’m in the game again. I put on sunglasses and was out and about within a couple of days after my surgery, which meant I was back to work and activities in no time at all. The cost was less than I had expected. Definitely one of the best investments I’ve ever made in myself, my future. –– AJ

PATIENT #3 (female––64 years old)

Why did you have eyelid surgery?
I had been thinking about having eyelid surgery for several years, mostly because the loose skin above and below my eyes was making it almost impossible to wear eye makeup. When my daughter got engaged, I knew it was time to do something about my eyes. I wanted to look my best for the photos.
Comments post-procedure:
I can wear eye makeup again. Gone are the creases and folds that prohibited my using eye shadow and that made eyeliner so difficult. Oh, and I can’t wait to see the photos from my daughter’s wedding. I’m so glad I decided to have the procedure done before her big day. –– LG

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