What’s keeping you from having facial plastic surgery?

Stop with the reasons why not, and do something for you.

Keeping You From Plastic SurgeryThere are plenty of people who swear they will never have facial plastic surgery. They have no problem with how the natural aging process is affecting their face, eyes and neck. Their feelings are to be respected.

However, there also are plenty of other people who think, think and think some more about having “something done” to their aging face –– sometimes for two, three, five years or longer. While unhappy with how they are aging, they can’t allow themselves to see a facial cosmetic specialist, if only for a non-obligatory consultation. Many of these people will admire a friend for having had a facial plastic procedure or non-surgical treatments (Botox or dermal fillers), but still are unable to do the same for themselves.

Why is it that we deny ourselves the opportunity to feel better about how we look, even when deep down we truly desire a change?

If any of the following reasons sound familiar, you’re in good company. They represent some of the typical “reasons why not” that we’ve heard over the past 30+ years in consultations with thousands of patients.

Typical reasons why people put off having facial cosmetic surgery.

• I have no business spending money like that on myself.
• I’ll just make do with how I look –– my best days are over anyway.
• My kids will have a fit if I do anything about how I look.
• My friends will talk about me –- what will people think at work?
• I have to take care of my kids and grandkids –– no time for me.
• Who do I think I am –– I’m no movie star!
• You do that and then you have to do something with your hair and your wardrobe.
• What if I’m still not happy with my life after the surgery?

Is it time to do something just for you?

If there’s a common theme to the above list, it’s that people (women in particular) tend to put everybody else’s needs and concerns ahead of their own, or they feel they are undeserving of doing something just for themselves. We understand completely and never pressure patients to have any kind of procedure or treatment they are not ready to do. On the other hand, extremely exciting is the happiness and renewed confidence we see in people’s faces when they look younger and feel better about themselves. Let’s talk. We’d love to hear your story and tell you more about what might be a life-changing moment for you.

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