What to Discuss with Your Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

6 common concerns to cover pre-procedure

Facial Cosmetic Surgeon Cincinnati, OHMaking an appointment for a consultation with a facial cosmetic surgeon can be a big step. Most people mull over, sometimes for years, all of the reasons why they shouldn’t proceed.
“I have no business spending money on myself this way.” “People will think I’m being vain.” “I’m probably too old.” “What if I’m unhappy with the results?” “Will people know I had something done?” “I probably can’t take off work long enough for the procedure and time to heal.”

Dr. Robert J. Smyth, Facial Cosmetic Surgeon in Cincinnati OH, specializing in just the face and neck for over 30 years, addresses these six common concerns.

#1 “I have no business spending money on myself this way.”

Affordability is subjective, but here are the numbers regarding your return on investment for three of the most popular surgical procedures Dr. Smyth performs.
Timeless Lift™ (minimally-invasive lower face lift that removes loose, sagging skin from the lower face and neck and creates the smoother jawline and cheeks of your natural younger face). Lasts six to 10 years depending on the person, their lifestyle, healthy eating, not smoking, and use of sunscreen. If the Timeless Lift lasts 10 years, it will have cost you about $2.00 a day.
Upper or Lower Lids (removes loose, drooping skin from the upper lids and bags from under the eyes. Can last 10 to 20 years or longer. If your upper or lower lids procedure lasts 15 years, it will have cost you approximately six cents a day.
Laser Skin Resurfacing (CO2 laser skin resurfacing improves the quality of facial skin for patients with deeper lines and wrinkles, rough texture, uneven pigmentation, and spots and scars caused by sun damage, stress and lifestyle). Can last 20 years or longer if you take good care of your skin and protect it from sun, wind and other elements. If the laser treatment lasts you 20 years, it will have cost you less than five cents a day.

#2 “People will think I’m being vain.”

Oftentimes, the people who are most critical of your decision to have a facial cosmetic procedure are those who wish they were doing it themselves. As one of our patients so aptly expressed, “It’s my life; I’m going to live it the way I want and if plastic surgery makes me happy, that’s for me to decide.”

#3 “I’m probably too old.”

Age is typically not a factor in having plastic surgery procedures. For example, Dr. Smyth performs all surgical procedures with the patient having local anesthesia only, along with a mild relaxant, thereby eliminating the risks and longer healing time associated with general anesthesia. Patients are kept comfortable throughout their procedure; many will fall asleep. As long as you are generally healthy and can stop taking (for two weeks prior to your procedure) aspirin, aspirin-related products or other medications, vitamins and supplements that have blood thinning properties, you will likely be a candidate for facial cosmetic surgery. Also, smokers need to quit or significantly reduce smoking for two weeks prior to their procedure. Dr. Smyth gets a medical history on each patient in advance of scheduling a procedure and medical clearance, if necessary, from the patient’s general practitioner or internist.

#4 “What if I’m unhappy with the results?”

Because results are highly subjective, you should freely discuss with your facial cosmetic surgeon during the initial consultation what’s bothering you about your face, your expectations for the change you’d like to see, and your commitment to follow the surgeon’s post-op instructions for optimal healing and results. Likewise, the surgeon should honestly share what he or she feels they can do to help you attain your goals. They should set realistic expectations for results, healing time and fully discuss the procedure, how it’s performed, and your step-by-step post-procedure care at home. Open dialogue and realistic expectations, coupled with the surgeon’s experience and skills, are the best way to attain the results you desire.

#5 “Will people know I had something done?”

This is always an interesting question, because while most patients don’t want anyone to know they had cosmetic surgery, they also want people to notice they look better. The goal for Dr. Smyth is to provide a natural “younger you” look –– never a stark or startled look. As such, people should wonder why you look so good, refreshed and better. They may suspect you had something done but not know for sure.

#6 “I probably can’t take off work long enough for the procedure and time to heal.”

With a little planning, most people can fit the time needed for their procedure and healing time into their work and social schedule. Here’s a quick look at what to expect.
Timeless Lift™
Dressing change 24 hours after your procedure. Sutures removed eight days post-procedure.
Potential for some minimal swelling and bruising, which can last up to two to three weeks post-op. Bruising can be hidden using some light foundation (women and men) as long as it is not applied directly to the incision area. Unless you have short hair, the incision lines can be mostly hidden by letting your hair fall over the area just in front of your ears. Incision lines are typically a very pale pink by about three to four weeks post-procedure.
Upper or Lower Lids
Sutures dissolve on their own. Minimal swelling and/or bruising may occur but dissipate within seven to 10 days post-procedure. Most patients are out and about at 72 hours after their procedure, donning their sunglasses.
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Healing can take two to three weeks. The skin needs time to regenerate from what is essentially a controlled bad sunburn. During the healing period, you will need to keep a coating of special ointment on your face to protect the skin. You may have some scabbing and peeling, as well.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth, MD, in Cincinnati OH has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, submental liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490.