Top 7 Questions About Cosmetic Surgery

What you’re asking. What you need to know.

cosmetic surgeryThinking about facial cosmetic surgery? You of course have questions. And you deserve honest answers. Having performed thousands of facial cosmetic surgery procedures over the past 30+ years, there are certain questions that come up time and again. Here are the “Top 7” questions we hear.

1. Will cosmetic surgery fix what’s bothering me about my face/neck?
While there are non-surgical treatments that come and go, only facial cosmetic surgery is proven as the time-tested way to get rid of loose, saggy skin in the cheek and neck area and deliver long-lasting results. Dr Smyth performs a minimally-invasive facelift called the Timeless Lift™ to remove the excess skin that comes with the normal aging process and to restore the smoother facial skin and defined jawline of a more youthful face. The results are remarkable and last six to 10 years for most patients. The Timeless Lift can be repeated, if needed or desired, over one’s lifetime. Other popular and proven cosmetic surgery procedures that Dr. Smyth has performed on thousands of patients are upper and/or lower eyelids (blepharoplasties) to remove droopy upper lids and baggy lower lids, brow lifts, and chin implants. Dr. Smyth performs all cosmetic surgery procedures under strictly local anesthesia to ensure a faster recovery and eliminate all risks of general anesthesia.

2. What’s the right age to have facial cosmetic surgery?
There really is no right age. Because people age in such uniquely different ways due to their genetics, sun damage, overall health, nutrition and lifestyle, the need for facial cosmetic surgery can range from late 30s to into the 80s. The right time is when you are ready to look your very best.

3. Will people know I’ve had something done? Will I have a scar?
The goal of cosmetic surgery is a natural, refreshed, “younger-you” look. Friends and family should wonder why you look so good. All surgery leaves a scar, but the incision line Dr. Smyth makes for any procedure is so thin and fine and so artfully hidden in natural face/eye creases that it quickly fades away and unless specifically pointed out, is difficult to detect.

4. How long after surgery before I can go back to work or activities?
You can return to mild activities within about 48 hours post-procedure. Your sutures are removed at 8-9 days post procedure for the facelift, after which most people go back to work and their full range of activities. For eyelid lifts, sutures dissolve on their own, so most patients are back to work and routine activities within one week.

5. How can I make sure I don’t have a strange, windblown-looking result?
This is where the surgeon’s philosophy and experience are so important. Talk to your surgeon. Demand a one-on-one personal consultation with the surgeon at your first meeting and discuss all of your concerns. Ask to see before and after photos of his/her actual patients (not just stock photos from marketing materials). Speak directly with some of the surgeon’s patients to hear their experience firsthand.

6. Am I being vain or self-indulgent to want to look younger?
Absolutely not! In our society, we’re often so happy to do things for other people – our kids, spouse, parents, friends, neighbors — but feel guilty when we think about doing something for ourselves. In our experience, facial cosmetic surgery does more than lift your looks; it also lifts your confidence, spirit and your overall happiness. That happiness spreads, which means that you and everyone around you share in the joy. Bottom line, we believe that everyone deserves to look their best and feel their best.

7. What does facial cosmetic surgery cost?
Costs can vary greatly by procedure and by geographic region across the nation. One way we suggest our patients look at the cost of a procedure is by the return on their investment. For example, if the Timeless Lift lasts 10 years, at Dr. Smyth’s charge, you’ll be investing less than $2.00/per day for your natural, younger-looking, refreshed face and neck. Or as one of Dr. Smyth’s patients said, “If I had back all the money I’ve paid on lotions and creams over the years, I could have had two facelifts. I wish I’d come to see Dr. Smyth years ago!”