Thinking about Eyelid Surgery?

It’s easier than you think to regain your younger, bright-eyed look with eyelid surgery.

eyelid surgery“I’m tired of looking tired even when I’ve had plenty of rest.”
“People keep asking me what’s wrong or if I’m angry.”
“The extra skin on my eyelids makes it difficult to wear eye makeup.”
“My droopy eyelids make me look older than I am and I’m wondering if that’s making me less competitive in the workplace.”

Your eyes are the first thing people see and the last thing they remember. Eyes are also one of the first areas of the face to show aging, even as young as the later 30s for some people. Excess skin and hooding of the upper eyelids and excess skin and bags at the lower eyelids are the typical complaints. Whether you’re experiencing one or both of these common concerns, an eyelid lift (technically known as a blepharoplasty) provides a beautiful solution.

Dr. Smyth has been performing eyelid surgery – upper eyelid and lower eyelid — on both women and men for more than 30 years. His goal is always a natural look that has you looking like yourself but refreshed and younger. He performs today’s eyelid surgery under local anesthesia thereby eliminating all risks associated with general anesthesia and ensuring a faster recovery.

This blogger had her upper eyelid surgery done by Dr. Smyth about 11 years ago, and I can personally assure you that I experienced no pain or discomfort. I had a little bit of swelling for the first day or two but was out and about with my sunglasses on at day three post-procedure. Dr. Smyth will want to see you at nine days post-op, but the sutures dissolve on their own, so there’s no need to worry about suture removal. (TIP: You won’t be able to apply any eye makeup to the actual incision area for the first three weeks post-op so if that matters to you, plan your social life accordingly. You need to let that fresh incision line heal without any rubbing, pulling or wiping away of makeup.) FYI –– Eyelid surgery results can last a long time. Even though my procedure was more than a decade ago, I’m still extremely pleased with how my eyelids look. That being said, you can repeat the eyelid procedure as needed, which I plan to do.

I asked Dr. Smyth if there is anything new with how upper/lower eyelid surgery are being performed today versus in the past. His reply… “Yes, our perception of what an attractive eye looks like has changed. Compared to a couple of decades ago, we now realize a more youthful lower eye has a convex shape versus a concave (aged) look, so we now remove less fat from the lower eyelid area than we did in the past. The same applies to the upper eyelid, where it’s important not only to leave more of the fat but also to look at the eye and brow as a functional aesthetic unit. This approach results in a natural, more youthful, bright-eyed look.”

Bottom line, if you want people to look at you and say, “You look great”, an eyelid surgery with Dr. Smyth might be just the lift you need. Call us at 513.351.0020 to schedule a personal, complimentary consultation with Dr. Smyth. No pressure whatsoever –– just a chance to learn about how you can regain your younger, bright-eyed look. In the meantime, click here for before and after photos of our actual eyelid lift patients.