3 Reasons to Be a Believer in Botox

Squint lines. Frown lines. Forehead furrows.

botox-catherine-deneuveMany years ago, the famous French actress Catherine Deneuve known for her flawless face as well as her starring roles, attributed her smooth eye area and line-free face to her ability to “show no facial expression”. That approach may have worked for Deneuve but it’s not realistic for most people. The fact is, all of us smile, laugh, squint, grimace, frown and display our facial expressions all day long. Over time, the result is squint lines (crow’s feet) at the corner of your eyes, frown lines (vertical lines) between your brows, and furrows (horizontal lines) across your forehead. Luckily these conditions can be resolved with Botox.

When facial lines and wrinkles — whether from natural aging, too much sun, stress, straining your eyes to read, or genetics (blame your mom or dad) – become bothersome enough to affect your looks and self-confidence, it might be time to take next steps.

Say hello to Botox

What is it?
Botox is proven as an easy, effective way to relax the muscles that over the years make us look older or change our facial countenance by causing squint lines and frown lines.

How does it work?
FDA-approved Botox is the most well known of what are called neuromodulators. Botox is injected into the underlying muscles that with repeated contractions cause lines and wrinkles. It works by temporarily reducing the muscle activity to cause a visible smoothing of targeted areas.

Does Botox treatment hurt?
The injection feels like a pinch or like poking yourself with your fingernail. Some physicians use ice or a topical numbing cream to minimize any discomfort. Treatment takes only a few minutes for a given area.

How long does it last?
Botox typically lasts three to six months. The more faithful you are with follow-up treatments, the longer the interval can be between treatments.

Recovery time?
Some people experience a bit of redness or swelling at the injection site, but most go immediately back to routine activities. You can apply ice for about 20 minutes to the injected areas immediately after treatment to help alleviate any bruising.

Approximate cost?
Costs will vary, so do your homework. Ask the price “per unit” and how many units they plan to use “per area”. The amount needed varies per person.

WATCHOUT — Trust only an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon or highly experienced, licensed esthetician to administer your Botox. If not administered by a proven expert, Botox can be overdone and improperly injected resulting in temporary paralysis of muscles that you do not want affected. Insist your physician or other expert start conservatively. They can always add more.