No More “Plastic” Look in Facial Plastic Surgery

Today’s best result is a natural, refreshed, “younger-you” look.

Facial Plastic Surgery Cincinnati, OHGone are the days of that windswept, stretched, pulled, “she’s had work done” look when it comes to facial plastic surgery. In fact, at the office of Dr. Robert Smyth, who specializes strictly in rejuvenation of just the face and neck, we haven’t used the “plastic” term for years. Instead, we refer to the specialty as Facial Cosmetic Surgery.

“In my opinion, the best approach to achieving great results has always been to provide my patients an entirely natural, refreshed look –– the smoother face and neck skin and more defined jawline of their younger years,” explains Dr. Smyth. “I don’t believe in ‘overdone’, whether it’s a facelift, fillers or Botox. The goal is to have family and friends wondering why you look so good, but not really sure why.”

The natural (not plastic) results of today’s minimally facial plastic surgery, such as the Timeless Lift™ performed by Dr. Smyth, have made this proven surgery the procedure of choice for people from their 40s into their 80s. Having performed more than 3,000 facial plastic surgery procedures on both women and men, Dr. Smyth has seen most every type of face and aging issue. His mantra: “Experience matters, especially when it’s your face.”

“Besides the natural results, the beauty of the Timeless Lift is that I can achieve outstanding results while doing the procedure entirely under local anesthesia, along with just a light sedating medication,” adds Dr. Smyth. “That means my patients have none of the risks of general anesthesia and they enjoy a shorter recovery. My patients are always comfortable during surgery; in fact, many fall asleep.”

If you’re thinking about taking next steps to turn back the clock on aging with facial plastic surgery, insist on natural, refreshed and “younger-you”. Please let us know if we can provide you with more information.