It’s About This Wrinkly Neck of Mine

A neck lift can provide the smoother, younger-looking neck you’ll love.

Neck LiftAs we age, the skin in our neck typically begins to show laxity, and the muscle bands (vertical lines in the front of the neck) become more visible. Add to this the excess and sagging skin in the lower face that creates jowls, and the result is our face and neck area looks older than our age. No one says it better than our patients…

“I hate how my neck looks. I look in the mirror and see vertical lines in the front part of my neck and horizontal folds at the sides. My neck looks 10 years older than my age.”

“In the last few years, my neck has become so lined and wrinkled, even more so than my face. My mom had the same problem as she got into her 60s.”

“I’m not a scarf person, but now that my neck has become so wrinkly I find myself trying to hide the lines with a scarf or turned-up collar. I’m very self-conscious about it.”

A wrinkled neck (like the skin on our face, arms and legs) can be caused by genetics but even more so by sun damage, gravity, stress, and poor nutrition. It’s common for people to be very diligent about applying sunscreen to their face but to overlook their neck. The result over time can mean not only loose skin in the neck but also skin that is crepe-like in texture and less smooth.

While some of today’s advanced, anti-aging serums and creams can help to improve the texture of the neck, only a surgical procedure will eliminate the excess loose skin and remedy the prominent vertical muscle bands.

A proven solution for an aging neck is the minimally-invasive lower facelift/neck lift –– called the Timeless Lift® –– performed by Dr. Robert J. Smyth MD in Cincinnati, OH. This combined neck lift and lower facelift procedure lifts and smooths the entire lower face and neck area in one procedure. The procedure includes submental liposuction (if needed), a simple step that Dr. Smyth uses to remove fatty deposits under the chin and to further smooth the neck and jawline area.

The Timeless Lift® is performed under local anesthesia, with patients being entirely comfortable throughout the procedure but without the risks and longer recovery time associated with general anesthesia. Recovery can include some minor bruising and swelling but most patients return to work and full activities at 10-14 days post procedure.
Results of the Timeless Lift™ facelift/neck lift last six to 10 years depending on the patient and how well they take care of their health and protect their skin from sun damage.

All patients will see improvement from the neck lift procedure, especially those with mild to moderate neck wrinkles. Patients with severe lines and folds in their neck should discuss expectations with their surgeon in advance of the procedure, as they may have more bruising and a longer healing time. Also, for best results, patients who are more than 20 pounds over their ideal weight and plan to lose the weight should do so prior to their neck lift.

TIP: If considering a neck lift and/or lower facelift, be sure to choose a face and neck rejuvenation specialist who is board certified, has extensive experience, and who will be happy to answer all of your questions at a personal consultation. “Having performed more than 3,000 lower facelifts/neck lifts, there is a definite art to providing the natural results patients want and deserve,” says Dr. Smyth.

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