Men’s Cosmetic Facial Procedures in Cincinnati, OH

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Surgical & Non-Surgical Cosmetic Facial Procedures

It’s no secret that in today’s world, men increasingly face the same pressures as women to look young, fit, and current as they move into their 50s, 60s, 70s and older. Whether to remain competitive in their career, viable in their social life or just to look and feel the best they can, men of all ages and all walks of life are requesting cosmetic facial procedures to turn back the clock.

Dr. Smyth views your wanting to look good as a healthy attitude toward life, not a matter of being vain. The comfort male patients feel in discussing their concerns with Dr. Smyth, along with his 30+ years of proven excellence in cosmetic facial procedures –– surgical and non-surgical –– make him the Midwest’s sought-after specialist for providing the natural, masculine results men want. His mantra “Experience matters especially when it’s your face.”

Dr. Smyth personally sees every cosmetic facial procedures patient at their initial consultation to listen and discuss best options. No pressure, just the honest information that exemplifies his respect for all patients and their reasons for wanting to improve their appearance. We are excited you are here and look forward to helping you decide which facial procedure is right for you whatever your goals –– a smoother/tighter neck area, no sagging skin in your cheeks, younger looking eyes, or refreshed skin without lines, wrinkles and furrows. We invite you to explore our full range of cosmetic facial procedures specifically for men.

Our Facial Cosmetic Rejuvenation Procedures for Men:

Timeless Lift™Natural-looking, no-sag lift to your face, jowls and neck. Lifts the cheek area, restores a more defined masculine jawline, and firms up loose skin in the face and neck.

Timeless Eyes™Eyes that look younger, less tired, and more open. Remedies droopy upper eyelids, reduces/removes bags and puffiness at the lower eyelids, and reduces wrinkles around the eye.

Dermal Fillers and BotoxNatural smoothness of a more youthful face.
Restores the natural-looking, youthful fullness to hollowed cheek areas, smooths the area between the brows, softens/erases squint lines and forehead furrows.

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