Let’s Talk Turkey Neck

Today’s options for removing this aging issue

turkey neck“I hate my turkey neck.” That statement may be one, if not the most familiar complaint a facial cosmetic surgeon hears from his or her patients. A turkey neck –– loose, saggy skin in the neck area –– is one of the most common signs of aging. Women and men in large numbers find that the natural aging process leaves them with extra skin in their neck area… skin that has nowhere to go except to make it unattractive for women to wear certain necklines and uncomfortable for men to wear a buttoned collar and tie.

If a turkey neck is the only thing you see when you look in the mirror or in photos, then it might be time to look into how you can get rid of that extra skin. Here are two choices for saying goodbye to your turkey neck and getting back to your younger looking face and neck area. Before making a decision, be sure to do your own research, visit experienced facial cosmetic surgeons for a personal consultation, and price compare.

Minimally Invasive Lower Facelift

What is it?
Hundreds of thousands of people across the USA have had this highly effective and proven procedure that addresses the entire area causing the turkey neck –– the loose, sagging skin in both the neck area and lower face. The remarkable lower facelift (Timeless Lift™) and neck procedure removes the extra skin to restore a younger and natural looking, defined jawline and smooth neck. Dr. Smyth performs this procedure strictly under local anesthesia, thereby shortening the recovery period and eliminating risks associated with general anesthesia.

How long does it last?
Today’s minimally invasive lower facelift lasts from five to 10 years for most people.

Recovery time?
For the face, you will have a very thin incision tucked into the natural crease at the front of and also behind the ear. For the neck, a small incision will be made in the natural crease below the chin. Sutures are typically removed at nine days post-procedure. Most patients return to mild activities within 72 hours post-procedure. Bruising and swelling vary by the patient and can last up to a week or so.

Approximate cost?
Costs will vary but a good way to look at your investment is that if your lift lasts 10 years, your turkey neck will be gone and you will have invested less than $2.00/per day in your natural, younger-looking face and neck.

Upside –– Results are Immediate
Lasts 5-10 years
Performed Under Local Anesthesia
Potentially the Best Return on Your Investment

Downside –– Surgical Procedure (though minimally invasive)

Ultrasound Therapy (Ultherapy™, CoolSculpting™, etc.)

What is it?
The following information comes from the Ultherapy website. You will also want to check out CoolSculpting as an alternative.

Ultherapy is a safe, non-surgical ultrasound treatment that counteracts the effects of time and gravity on your skin. Ultherapy uses the body’s own regenerative response to gently and gradually lift skin under the chin and on the neck. Ultherapy treats the deep foundational layer addressed in cosmetic surgery, but won’t duplicate the results of a facelift.

How long does it last?
Since the procedure stimulates your own collagen production, how long the results last really depends on you.

Recovery time?
The skin might appear flushed at first, but the redness should disappear within a few hours. Some patients experience slight swelling, tingling or tenderness to the touch, but these are temporary in nature. Other, less common post-procedural effects may include temporary bruising or numbness on small areas of skin.

Approximate cost?
Most patients only need one treatment… but some patients benefit from additional treatments. Also, future touch-up treatments may be required.

Upside –– Non-surgical Treatment

Downside –– Results Take Place Over 2-3 Months
May Need More Than One Treatment, plus Future Touchups
May Equal or Exceed the Cost of a Lower Facelift