Let’s Talk Face Lift Procedures

Today, it’s all about minimally invasive.

Face Lift Procedures Cincinnati, OHGone are the days of facelifts or other face lift procedures that leave the face looking pulled, tight or windswept. Today, it’s all about minimally invasive face lift procedures that reverse the effects of aging in subtle and natural ways. Think tweaks or “tweakments”, as they are called.

What do we mean by minimally invasive?
We’re talking dermal fillers around the mouth and/or at the sides of the nose, Botox injections around the eyes and in the forehead area, laser skin treatments, upper and/or lower eyelid lifts, under eye fillers, or a mini lift for the lower face/jawline and neck. All of these are now performed as minimally invasive face lift procedures. Better yet, some surgeons such as Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati OH, perform these procedures under local anesthesia which means a shorter recovery time and none of the risks associated with general anesthesia.

“As a cosmetic surgeon specializing in just the face and neck, I see today’s preference for subtle and natural tweaks as an exciting and healthy change,” says Dr. Robert Smyth. “Patients are starting earlier, even in their later 30s and early 40s, to have the treatments done on a more frequent basis (especially injectables) that can help the face look younger at each decade.”

And for patients, ages 50 to 80, there are exciting minimally invasive face lift procedure options, as well. For example, if you have enough loose skin in the lower face and neck area that only removing the excess skin via a facelift can provide both immediate and lasting results, then today’s mini facelift –– the Timeless Lift™ performed by Dr. Smyth –– is the answer for the natural, younger-you look desired. “It’s just the lift people need to get rid of the heaviness in their jowls and saggy neck so their face and neck look younger and smoother,” says Dr. Smyth.

Performed under local anesthesia, the Timeless Lift™ takes only 1-1/2 hours, with patients entirely comfortable throughout. Most patients return to work and full activities at 10 days to two weeks post-procedure. Results last six to 10 years depending on one’s lifestyle, general health, sun protection, not smoking, etc.

Word of caution
“While people want both natural results and a quick recovery, they need to do their homework and choose the proven talents of an experienced facial cosmetic specialist versus chasing a trend or having a procedure just because their friends are doing it,” cautions Dr. Smyth.

“Experience matters… especially when it’s your face. The goal is always to make friends and family wonder why you look so good, not to have them talk about ‘work’ you had done.”

For more information on all minimally invasive face lift procedures, or to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Robert J Smyth, please call the Robert Smyth MD Facial Cosmetic Surgery ––Timeless You™ Cincinnati at 513.201.8490.