How do you know if you need a brow lift?

Who makes a good candidate and why.

Brow Lift in Cincinnati, OHThe aging process spares no part of our faces, not even our brow and forehead region. While some faces age more gracefully than others, everything in time starts to soften and droop from the natural loss of collagen and the resulting skin laxity. For some people, an aging brow and forehead region can change their facial expression to a look of tiredness, unhappiness, sadness and/or anger which, in turn, can affect how others respond to them. That being said, drooping upper eyelids also can cause the same change of facial countenance.

The question then becomes, “Would a brow lift resolve the problem, or is an upper eyelid lift preferred, or are both procedures needed for optimal results?”

“As a facial cosmetic surgeon assessing a patient’s face, I look at the eyes, brows and forehead as one region, all needing to work together to provide the natural look my patients desire,” says Dr. Robert J. Smyth, facial cosmetic surgeon/specialist in Cincinnati OH. “Each patient must be viewed individually. While one person may need an upper eyelid lift and perhaps some Botox between their eyebrows to reverse the signs of aging, another patient may fare better with just a brow lift. I’ve also had patients whose aging brow area required a brow lift, upper eyelid lift, and Botox injections in the vertical lines between the eyes and also in the horizontal lines on their forehead.”

“Another consideration is whether the patient is male or female. Generally speaking, the brow line for a man is naturally flatter/straighter than a woman’s brow line which typically has more of a natural arch. The goal is always a natural-looking result, so these inherent differences are critical to acknowledge.”

If a brow lift is recommended, the type of brow lift can vary by the placement of the incisions, again depending on the patient’s needs. The tiny incisions may be artfully hidden in the upper hairline or at the temples or, for some patients, in both areas.

As a patient wondering if a brow lift is right for you, be sure to consult with one or more highly-experienced facial cosmetic surgeons and ask them what they recommend and “why”. Get all of your questions answered, and remember to emphasize that your goal is a natural-looking brow, eye and forehead region for the naturally-refreshed facial expressions that leave you looking younger, bright-eyed, happier, and feeling full of confidence.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati OH has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490.