What makes a woman age beautifully?

The secret all of us have inside

She’s lovely. She’s every woman who defies time and who doesn’t look her age or at least how society perceives she should look at her age. She’s short, tall, thin, full figured, toned or not. She has light hair, dark hair, a short bob or wavy curls. Her skin color doesn’t matter nor does her ethnicity. And whether her skin is still smooth, or the years have left their mark in lines and wrinkles… she’s lovely.

You know her. You’ve seen her. She’s comfortable and confident in her own skin. And it shows.

She doesn’t need to be the center of attention. No longer does she feel the urge to compete to be the leanest, the most fit, the wealthiest, best dressed or most accomplished. She’s current and chic, engaged in family and friends and interested in the world around her. What she does now, she does for herself. Challenges and problems still land at her door, but she handles them with a calmer attitude. She’s entering a new phase of her life and instead of dreading it, she’s excited about all that lies ahead. She’s reached a level of positive acceptance.

At long last, more and more women are becoming increasingly comfortable with the aging process and counter to what some may think, a gracious acceptance of this stage of one’s life can be very attractive.

Truth be told, there’s an inherent beauty to the grace and poise that come with the passage of time. Squint lines highlight eyes that twinkle with memories. Wrinkled hands that have cooked and cleaned, washed and ironed, run companies, driven trucks, fought in the military, applauded at hundreds of kids’ and grandkids’ games remain delightful to hold. “Grandma arms” still give the best hugs across generations, and legs that may no longer don short shorts are more than happy to jog, walk, play sports and pursue an errant toddler.

As women, we know all of this to be true, yet too often we still strive to meet some standard of beauty and lifestyle that is unattainable for most. We think that if we just lose 20 pounds, or get that expensive outfit or move into our dream home that happiness will certainly follow. In his book titled The Happiness Advantage, author Shawn Achor challenges us to think differently.

Achor’s message is directed to the workplace, but his principles hold true for us in our personal lives, as well. He writes… “Everyone knows that if you work hard, you will be more successful in life, and if you are more successful, then you’ll be happy, right? Recent discoveries in the field of positive psychology show that this formula is actually backward: happiness fuels success, not the other way around.”
Now then, let’s plug in the traditional path many women encounter… “Everyone knows that if you work hard to be more beautiful, thinner, smarter, more fit and more talented at everything from decorating and cooking, to entertaining and gardening, to running your own business as well as your household, you will be more successful in life, and if you are more successful, then you’ll be happy, right? We all know this not to be the case. Instead of happiness, we attain constant craziness.

You may be thinking this message of acceptance strange in that it’s coming from a facial cosmetic surgeon’s office. Not so. After 30+ years of performing thousands and thousands of surgical facial procedures and non-surgical treatments on women, Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati, OH will be the first to tell you there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who’s happy with herself.

That’s not to say we should quit trying to be our healthiest or to look our best. What it means is that it’s okay to give ourselves the permission to do what matters to us. If that means Botox to soften or erase age lines, or an eyelid lift to freshen our face, or a facelift to remove loose skin from our face and neck, then do it. However, if such signs of aging don’t bother us, then we should be able to relax in the comfort we have in our appearance. Let no one else determine how we choose to age.

In a nutshell, there are no rules to aging beautiful except to do it our own way. Forget the models and magazines, the miracle creams and magic potions. Beautiful is not one look… but many.

Each of us has the power within to approach getting older with a positive acceptance… and it really can be quite beautiful.

What makes you feel beautiful? Let us know. Email us at robertsmythmd@fuse.net.

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