3 Greatest Benefits of Face Laser Treatment

Why so many patients are choosing this age-defying procedure.

Face Laser Treatment Cincinnati, OHAre you longing for the softer, smoother, creamier-looking skin of your younger years? Do you want to reverse the effects that years of sun damage, stress, lack of sleep, or smoking have had on your face? You’re not alone. If you want to get serious about improving the quality and texture of your facial skin, then you might want to consider what an increasing number of people are turning to these days –– face laser treatment.

Here are what we believe to be the 3 greatest benefits of face laser treatment ––

  1. Remarkable Results
    No face cream, lotion, serum or treatment can deliver the results of face laser treatments (also known as laser skin resurfacing). This outpatient procedure is basically a safe injury made to the skin using pulses of heat energy. The goal is to go just deep enough with the laser to send your skin into repair mode, which means the stimulation of collagen and blood supply to generate new skin development. Dr. Smyth uses a CO2 fractional laser –- advanced technology that emits heat energy in an intermittent pattern to generate outstanding results while being less invasive and allowing for faster healing than some other lasers.
  2. Treat Your Entire Face or Just One Area
    Face laser treatment can be performed on your entire face or to just specific areas such as the fine lines around your mouth or eyes. Dr. Smyth numbs the area(s) being treated with a topical cream followed by Lidocaine to alleviate any major discomfort. Most patients describe the face laser treatment after numbing the area(s) being treated not as painful but as “quick, snapping pulsations” on their face.
  3. Smart Investment
    The skin-improving results of face laser treatment last five to 10 years, depending on how you care for and protect your skin post-procedure. Using Dr. Smyth’s pricing as an example, were you to have laser treatment to your entire face and results lasted 10 years, your cost would be less than $1.00 per day! Were you to have just the lines around your mouth or eyes treated and results lasted 10 years, your cost would be less than 25 cents per day! Compare those numbers to what you can spend on expensive creams, lotions and treatments that show minimal results.


Two watch-outs regarding face laser treatments…

  • While all of us should use sunscreen, face laser patients should faithfully make it part of their daily skin regimen.
  • There is definitely a healing process after face laser treatments. The procedure leaves your skin red and in need of protection with an ointment for the first week or so (think bad sunburn). Some patients also experience peeling. The redness lessens every day. Most patients return to full activities and are comfortable being out in public again at about 10 days post-procedure