How to Get the Most Out of Facial Surgery

4 ways to refresh your look, complement your refreshed face

Facial Surgery Cincinnati, OHI have a friend who always knows how to live each day to its fullest. Whatever she decides to do, she does with her full energy. Mediocrity isn’t even part of her vocabulary. So, when she had facial surgery a few years ago, she took the opportunity to not only lift her face, but also to lift her look and, in turn, her confidence and happiness. Here are her favorite tips for maximizing her investment in facial surgery.

Top 4 Tips for getting the most out of facial surgery.

#1 Think of makeup as one of your best friends.
Your facial surgery has provided you a new canvas; now you get to paint the picture. With your lines and wrinkles eliminated or smoothed, make way to your favorite makeup counter. Get the advice of a pro on how to use today’s excellent array of age-appropriate creams, serums, easy-to-apply skin enhancers, foundations, and eye makeups that not only highlight your best features but also treat your face to healthy anti-oxidants, vitamins and sun protection. As my friend says, “I love makeup again. I get to play with a new look every day.” And as makeup artists will tell you, “Getting older doesn’t mean you stop using makeup; it means using it differently.” Go explore. FRIEND TIP: Favorite book: “Makeup Wakeup – Revitalizing Your Look at Any Age”, by Lois Joy Johnson.

#2 Update your hair.
If you haven’t changed your hairstyle for years, now’s the time to do so. Try a new stylist. Add some highlights or try a new hair color altogether. Look into today’s healthy shampoos, conditioners and styling products that restore a healthy sheen and fullness to your hair. Your new hair “look” is not only the perfect complement to your refreshed face but also a great way to redirect the attention of curious friends who know you look better but don’t quite know why. Tell them it’s your “new cut”. FRIEND TIP: Favorite product line: “Living Proof ‘Timeless’ line – shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, plumping mousse.”

#3 Refresh your wardrobe.

Refresh your wardrobe just as you have your face. Go through your closet and toss everything you haven’t worn in the past two years. Next, take out every remaining item and try it on before you decide to put it back. This is the crucial part, because this is when you see that while the shirt still looks good on the hanger, it no longer looks good on you. Hold onto only what feels good and looks good; give away everything else. Next, look for new ways to put together the clothes you still love, and fill in other items as needed. Go to Pinterest, in-store and online at your favorite shops, and to the pages of magazines and books to find age-appropriate brands, styles and outfits that make you look years younger. FRIEND TIP: Favorite book: “Wardrobe Wakeup – Your Guide to Looking Fabulous at Any Age”, by Lois Joy Johnson.

#4 Enjoy your “younger you” look.
Don’t feel guilty or apologize for having facial surgery. Never let others take away the joy you feel in feeling better about yourself. At this stage of life, doing something for yourself shouldn’t require the approval of the rest of the world. And remember, a smile and a positive attitude are always the best way to maximize the results of facial surgery. Enjoy your wonderful, younger-you look.

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