Facial Rejuvenation Procedures

How do you know what you need? (or don’t need?)

Facial Rejuvenation ProceduresMost of us know what’s bothering us about our face or neck, but we’re not sure what we need done to remedy it and return to our younger-looking self. With today’s endless options for facial rejuvenation, it can be overwhelming to figure out what steps to take. It doesn’t need to be that difficult. Here are some DO’s and DON’Ts to help you determine what’s best for you.

1. Don’t rely on the advice of friends and family. They may mean well, but their non-medical opinion as to what you should or should not do in terms of facial rejuvenation is just that, an opinion. Out of love and not wanting to hurt your feelings, or out of jealousy and not wanting you to look better than they do, they may say you look great just the way you are. On the other hand, they may push you into having a procedure or treatment performed that could be potentially harmful to you or, at a minimum, a waste of your money.

2. Don’t fall victim to every new product, cream, treatment or procedure. “New”. “Revolutionary”. “Miraculous”. Every new introduction to the marketplace can sound like the best ever, but don’t trust that it will be. Do your research. And don’t trust online reviews alone; you don’t know the person or the reason behind the review.

3. Don’t succumb to trends. Everyone else might be doing “it”, but it doesn’t mean it’s right for you. We’ve seen this with the “thread” procedure and other trends that have failed to deliver satisfactory results or stand the test of time. A current trend among teens and 20-somethings is to have “Preventive Botox” performed––injections intended to deter and prohibit frowns and wrinkles before they can have a chance to form. Is this treatment a good idea? Too soon to tell. The best advice is to wait until ideas go from being trends to being trusted, proven procedures.

1. Schedule a one-on-one consultation with a board-certified, face and neck rejuvenation surgeon/specialist. Only a surgeon can look at your face and know what he or she can and cannot do to remove the signs of aging and to give you the refreshed, natural look you deserve. It’s also okay to have 2-3 evaluations until you are satisfied you’ve found the right surgeon.

2. Ask others who have had great results the name of the surgeon who performed their procedure. Most people are happy to share names if you just ask. Whether you need a surgical procedure (facelift, eyelid lift, brow lift, chin implant) or a non-surgical treatment (laser skin resurfacing, Botox, dermal fillers), there’s a true art to achieving beautifully natural results. Find out who’s doing the work you admire.

3. Allow yourself to take the next step to looking younger and feeling better about yourself. Once you find a surgeon you trust, who has answered all of your questions and fully outlined what he or she recommends and what you should expect, move forward. Do something for you.

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