Facial Cosmetic Surgery – Do it For You

Patients share what made them finally take the next step to looking and feeling their best.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery Cincinnati, OH“I finally put myself first.” “I bet I’d been thinking about having a facelift for 10 years before I finally called for a consultation. I put everyone else first––my kids, my parents, work, even some friends who I helped out financially for awhile. Then, I decided it’s my turn. I think women especially feel guilty about doing something like this for themselves, but I’m so glad I did.” HB, Northern KY

“All I could see in the mirror were my sagging jowls and neck.” “I didn’t even know that person who was looking back at me. It’s like you wake up one day and you don’t look at all like you once did and you’re just ready to get back to looking like your younger self.” SC, Indianapolis IN

“I saw a photo of myself and that was it!” “All those years in the sun had caught up with me and I knew it. Not just the loose skin in my face and neck but the texture of my skin was lined and splotchy. I wanted the softer, smoother skin I had when I was younger. I had the lift and laser resurfacing done. Wow, what a difference! Natural. Pretty. I finally feel good about myself again.” BC, Cincinnati OH

“My daughter was getting married and I absolutely wanted to look my best.” “Besides wanting my family to be proud of me, I knew those wedding photos would be around for a long time. The wedding was the perfect motivation to get my face and eyes done. I felt great at all of the events, and I still look great almost eight years later.” DJ, Columbus OH

“I’m back in the workforce after many years and need to be at the top of my game.”
“I’m not trying to look like I’m 30 again, but I do need to look my best and to me that means looking refreshed and current, not tired and older than I really am. I not only look a lot better but I feel more confident and competitive in my industry. The Timeless Lift™ and upper eyelid procedure were a great decision for me.” (Mr.) MB, Lexington KY

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