Facelift Techniques

How to Get the Natural-Looking Results You Want

Facelift Technique Cincinnati, OHFace and neck rejuvenation today is all about minimally invasive procedures that deliver natural-looking results. As a patient, what should you ask to get the natural-looking results you want?

6 Questions To Ask Your Facial Cosmetic Surgeon

(1) Do you specialize in face and neck rejuvenation or do both face and body work?
It’s not to say that a surgeon cannot perform both face/neck and body procedures, but it makes sense that wherever his or her focus is where they also have the most experience. The more a surgeon works on a particular area of the body, the more they see and know how to handle the unique needs of various types of patients. That principle applies to the many ways the face and neck age, and to working with each person’s specific aging issues and underlying facial structure.

(2) Do you use local or general anesthesia?
Current thinking and Dr. Robert J. Smyth included, is to use strictly local anesthesia along with some relaxation medication, whether for a facelift, eyelid lift, brow lift, or chin implant. Doing so allows the patient to be entirely comfortable throughout the procedure, enjoy a faster recovery, and avoid the risks associated with general anesthesia.

(3) What is your facelift technique for removing excess skin and smoothing the face and neck area? Why do you prefer this facelift technique? “After strategically making very thin incisions at the crease in front of the ear and directly behind the ear (where hidden once healed), I use the muscle covering under the skin to lift and reposition the skin and muscle of the neck and face,” says Dr. Smyth. “Excess skin is removed to produce a natural, smooth, firmer and younger appearance to the lower face, jawline and neck.” “I prefer this facelift technique because it is the minimally invasive, faster healing way for patients to look naturally refreshed and to rid them of the drawn, pulled down, older look that comes with sagging, loose skin in the lower face and neck.”

(4) How long should a facelift last?
Average is six to 10 years depending on genetics and on how well you take care of your face, neck and general health. Also essential are not smoking and faithfully using sunscreen.

(5) How many facelift procedures have you performed?
Experience matters, especially when it’s your face. The coveted, natural-looking face tailored to each patient comes with years of experience and performing thousands of cases. It’s OK to ask.

(6) Will I need dermal fillers and/or Botox in addition to the facelift to get the desired natural results? A skilled surgeon knows the art of removing just enough but not too much skin during the facelift, and then following up as needed to refine any remaining areas, such as smoothing fine lines with Juvederm®, adding volume to cheeks with Voluma®, or softening/eliminating frown or squint lines with Botox injections.

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