Face Rejuvenation

5 Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

We believe that women of every age deserve to look and feel their best. So, in addition to offering beautiful, natural results from today’s finest and clinically proven face and neck rejuvenation procedures –– both surgical and non-surgical –- we like to pass along what we feel to be some of the best tips for the younger, fresher look you love.

cindy-joseph-face-rejuvenationMakeup Tips from Super Model Cindy Joseph (age 64)

1. “Use cream-based, not powder-based cosmetics on your face. Powder adds texture to skin that already has developed texture.”
2. For a natural look, “choose a lipstick tone that matches your inner lip or gums”.
3. Cindy says, “If your brows are thinning, just go with that. Don’t recreate the brows you had in your 20s.” NOTE: In addition to BOOM products from Cindy Joseph, we also recommend Clinique or Lancome Brow Pencils. Choose a color a bit lighter than your natural brows and sparingly make tiny strokes to fill in where your brows need definition. No harsh lines. Less is more. And, keep the pencil sharpened. Then, use an eyebrow brush (or a clean, dry toothbrush) to blend. Try today’s eyebrow gels, too. They add a bit of color and tame any wild hairs.
4. If your upper lids are heavy and the skin aged or sun damaged, “it can be best not to wear any eye shadow at all”, says Cindy, “especially no contour eye shadow in the crease because it gives the appearance of deepening the crease. Mascara is okay.” NOTE: If you’re more comfortable wearing eye makeup, use an eyelid primer under your eye shadow to help prevent against creases of color. Select shadows in subtle, natural tones. Leave the bright colors for the teens. Choose eyeliner in a formula that you can slightly smudge for a soft, natural look.
5. “If you’re going to use a foundation to even out skin tone, find one that gives coverage but doesn’t add texture. Be willing to spend money on a foundation and take your time to experiment and find the exact right shade,” says Cindy. “Matching your skin tone is critical.” NOTE: Among the favorite foundations of our age 50+ patients, friends, and industry experts are Estee Lauder Double Wear, Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer Flawless Coverage, Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua, Neutrogena Skin Foam, and BOOM products. These are just a start; there are many others also ideal for women over 50. Whatever you choose, make sure it has SPF 15.

While face and neck rejuvenation procedures and treatments may be the important first step to regaining your natural, “younger-you” look, proper skin care and makeup are the finishing touches that will have you looking and feeling your absolute best. This is a wonderful time of your life. Enjoy it every way you can.

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