Face Laser Treatments from the Patient Perspective

Real Patients Share Their Experience

face laser treatment
face laser treatment

Beautiful skin is “in”. Beauty counters are stocked high with products that promise to recapture that dewy, smooth skin glow of childhood. While modern science has brought us creams, lotions and peels that can bring some improvement to the quality of our skin, there’s nothing like face laser treatments to achieve the healthier, more youthful skin that we had before years of the normal aging process and the effects of sun damage, stress, lack of sleep, smoking, etc.

What are Face Laser Treatments?

Laser skin resurfacing is basically a safe injury made to the skin using pulses of heat energy. The goal is to go just deep enough with the laser to send your skin into repair mode, which means the stimulation of collagen and blood supply to generate new skin development. Experienced facial cosmetic surgeons have the skills and artistry to know the precise depth for each patient and skin type. Different types of lasers can be used for face laser treatments. Dr. Smyth uses a CO2 fractional laser. This advanced technology emits heat energy in an intermittent pattern versus a blanket of heat energy and therefore generates remarkable results while being less invasive and faster to heal.

“I wish I had done this years ago. The Timeless Lift™ got rid of the loose skin in my face and neck. The Face Laser treatment gave me back the smooth skin I had as a young teenager. My skin hasn‘t looked or felt this good in years.”

B.C., Corporate Executive

What part of the face is best suited to laser treatments?

Some people need a laser treatment over their entire face while others need only a specific area of laser treatment, such as the fine lines around the mouth or under the eyes.

Does the treatment hurt?

Dr. Smyth numbs the areas being treated with a topical cream followed by Lidocaine, the two working together to alleviate any major discomfort. Most patients describe the laser treatment after numbing the area not as painful but as “quick, snapping pulsations” on their face.

How long is the healing time?

Allow 7-10 days for your skin to heal after a face laser treatment. Following the procedure, most patients have distinct redness and minimal to moderate swelling. Think “bad sunburn”. You’ll need to apply a protective ointment to treated areas 24/7 for about a week post-op to keep the skin moisturized. You may also experience some peeling as your skin heals and new skin forms.

“For the first three days after my laser treatment, I had a lot of redness, some swelling and with my sensitive skin I had to try a few different ointments until I settled on one that felt most comfortable (Cetaphil worked best for me). By day four the
redness was clearing and I could see the smooth, baby-like skin appearing that I cannot believe is my own. I’m so excited about the difference. I’d tell anyone to see Dr. Smyth to find out if laser skin resurfacing is right for them… but to allow a good 7 14 days for thorough healing. Be patient – the results are worth it.”

A.O., Healthcare Administrator