Face Cosmetic Surgery: What’s The Goal?

Enhance your features, not copy someone else’s.

One of the most common concerns of patients considering facial cosmetic surgery is that they won’t look like themselves afterward. “I don’t want that strange or too-tight, pulled look… you can tell those people have had work done from a mile away.” “I’m not trying to look like some movie star… I just want to look like me but at my very best.”

We couldn’t agree more. We’ve long held the belief that the goal of face cosmetic rejuvenation, whether surgical procedures –- minimally-invasive facelift, upper and/or lower eyelid lift, brow lift, chin implant, or nonsurgical treatments such as dermal fillers, Botox injections, and laser skin resurfacing –- should be to enhance your features, not copy someone else’s. It’s working from this premise that your facial cosmetic surgeon can provide you the natural, refreshed, younger-you results that has people admiring how good you look, not whispering behind your back.

Keep in mind that in some parts of the country, the idea of what constitutes good results can be quite different from what you envision for yourself. That’s why it’s paramount that you find a face cosmetic surgeon who is willing to discuss your specific, goals and concerns and who you feel shares your philosophy as to what optimal results will mean for you.

Remember also that “more” isn’t necessarily better. In fact, overdoing it and having too many face cosmetic procedures can lead to exactly the opposite of the natural, younger looking face and neck you desire. The saying, “all things in moderation” goes a long way when it comes to rejuvenation of the face and neck. A recent article in Allure magazine addresses the issue and dangers of overindulging in dermal fillers (injectables) and Botox specifically. We share the article here.