Eyelift Surgery

The 1-2-3 of brighter, younger-looking eyes

People as young as in their late 30s or 40s can have droopy upper lids or sags and bags under their eyes. Whether caused by genetics, sun damage, smoking, poor diet, lack of sleep, or stress, the result is that you look tired, unhappy and older than you really are. The good news is that regaining your younger, natural, bright-eyed look is easier than you may think. Here are three steps to waking up your eyes and putting your best face forward.

1. Consult with a facial cosmetic surgeon specialist.

There’s a definite art to removing just enough skin from the upper lids and/or lower lids, and to plumping up hollowed areas under the eyes to gain the natural look you want. Get the opinion of highly experienced face and eye specialists and ask to see photos of or talk to their actual patients. Think conservative measures. As Dr. Robert J. Smyth notes, “If needed, I can always do a touch-up to take away a bit more skin or to add more filler (Restylane) under the eyes versus the patient being unhappy because of a too-aggressive approach.” Your surgeon may also suggest Botox injections to soften and smooth vertical frown lines between your eyebrows, eliminate squint lines at the corners of the eye, or to soften and smooth horizontal furrows in your forehead. These simple steps can be the perfect complement to an eyelid lift.

2. Protect your eyes post-procedure.

While your surgeon can provide you with great results, it’s up to you to maintain your younger-looking eyes. That means wearing sunglasses to minimize squinting, getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night, following a healthy diet, not smoking, and trying to minimize stress. Unfortunately, our lifestyle and habits show on our face… and eyes.

3. Emphasize your brighter, younger-looking eyes.

Once your eyes have fully healed post-procedure, go visit one or more of your favorite makeup counters and ask the specialists there to show you current looks for both day and evening. Be honest with the specialist about your recent procedure so they will be extra gentle when applying makeup to your eye area and also so they can recommend products they feel are best for the more fragile skin around the eyes. There are any number of new and breakthrough eye makeup products that not only make the eyes their most attractive, but also nourish the eye area to keep it soft, healthy and protected from the sun. Many are intended for both women and men.

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