Eyelid Lift – The Secret to Looking Younger Fast

5 tips for getting an eyeful of compliments.

eyelid liftWhether from the natural aging process, sun damage, poor diet or genetics, having droopy, baggy upper lids and puffy lower lids can make you look older than your years. Here’s the good news. An eyelid lift is one of the most common and fastest-healing of ways to rejuvenate your face. Today, both women and men are having eyelid lift procedures performed – upper or lower lids or both — in greater numbers than ever before. The eyelid lift procedure is affordable, relatively painless, and most patients put on their sunglasses and are out and about again at approximately three days post-procedure. Here are five tips for ensuring great results.

1. Trust your eyes to a board-certified facial cosmetic specialist only.
While some other specialties may offer eyelid surgery, we recommend you stick with a well-trained facial cosmetic specialist. Ask their years in practice and how many cases they’ve performed. Experience matters, especially when it’s your face.

2. Ask to see photos of the surgeon’s actual patients.
You’ll learn a lot about the surgeon’s work by looking at before and after photos of his or her patients. You should also ask to speak to prior patients to discuss their experience firsthand.

3. Insist on a natural, younger-you look.
The goal should be a natural look that has you looking refreshed, bright-eyed and younger but still like yourself. Experienced facial cosmetic specialists like Dr. Smyth know from working on thousands of patients the precise amount of excess skin and fatty tissue to remove in order to have you looking your best. You want your eyes to look youthful but never overdone or looking stretched or pulled.

4. Do your part to maintain your great results.
Protect your eyelids from the sun. UV damage can cause aging and drooping of your fragile eyelid skin as it does to other parts of your body. Be sure to wear sunglasses when outside year-round. If you plan to be out in the bright sun for long periods of time, you should also use a SPF made especially for the eyelid area – one that won’t sting or irritate the eyes.

5. Maximize your gorgeous, younger-looking eyes.
Following your eyelid lift is the perfect time to try new eye makeup. Give your lids a good three to four weeks to fully heal before applying makeup to the tender skin of the eye area, especially avoiding any tugging or pulling. Then go to an independent makeup pro or an expert at Sephora or a department store and see how much fun it is to wear makeup on your gorgeous, smoother lids. You’ll be the envy of your friends.