Why Dr. Smyth

Facial Cosmetic Surgery in Cincinnati: Why Dr. Smyth?

Dr. Smyth specializes strictly in the rejuvenation of the face and neck. His entire 35+ years of medical practice have been focused on the face, head and neck areas, which means that he has seen most every type of facial cosmetic concern and fully understands how the face should look both aesthetically and work functionally for the natural look that patients desire. Patients come from a 100-mile+ radius for the natural results he provides.

Dr. Smyth has performed more than 3000 minimally-invasive Timeless Lifts™ (lower face, jowls and neck) and thousands of other facial rejuvenation procedures, including upper and lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, chin implants, dermal fillers and Botox. He performs only those procedures he believes in and in which he is highly experienced. He knows that “experience matters, especially when it’s your face.”

Four Fundamentals of Facial Plastic Surgery that Separate Us:


Natural-Looking, Patient-Pleasing Results

Patients often tell us that in choosing facial plastic surgery with Dr. Smyth, they gained not only a more naturally youthful appearance, but also a boost to their self-confidence, self-esteem and overall happiness. We like to say the results are “just the lift you need” –– to your looks, your mindset, your life.

Faster Recovery

Dr. Smyth performs the Timeless Lift, Timeless Eyes and other facial cosmetic procedures using local anesthesia (with some slight relaxation medication). This translates to patients enjoying beautiful results AND getting back to work and life’s activities more quickly. Our patients are kept entirely comfortable throughout their procedure (often falling asleep) and are spared the longer recovery, costs and risks associated with general anesthesia.

Complimentary, No-Pressure, One-On-One Consultation with Dr. Smyth

When you schedule a consultation with Dr. Smyth, you can expect a no cost, no pressure, one-on-one confidential meeting with Dr. Smyth (not an assistant) to get all of your concerns discussed and questions answered.

He will discuss the specifics of each and every facial plastic surgery procedure with you, so that you know exactly which one is the most appropriate for your needs and goals. And, he will be the first to tell you if he feels you do not need surgery at this time. How refreshing is that!

We Value Your Investment

At Dr. Smyth’s Timeless You™ Cincinnati, we strive to provide you with a refreshed, youthful appearance that you can feel proud of for years to come, but we also want to make your facial and neck rejuvenation experience as convenient as possible.

In addition to determining which facial plastic surgery procedure is most appropriate for you, we also focus on achieving your desired look without interfering with your lifestyle. Our team will work around your busy schedule for any preliminary consultations or follow-up visits. We also offer several payment plan options to help make your procedure affordable and stress-free.

It would be our pleasure to have you as a patient. Give us a call.