“I don’t like what I see in the mirror.”

Give yourself permission to be at your best.

 “Why wouldn’t you want to feel better about yourself?” We heard this comment recently from a patient and it stopped us in our tracks. That’s because it perfectly summarizes why so many people finally make the decision to do something about the effects of time on their face and neck.

The patient had been thinking about having a facelift for several years and that day, after yet again looking in the mirror and not liking what she saw, picked up the phone and called for a consultation. Like many Boomers, she wasn’t ready to “quit” –– not ready to quit working, not quit being engaged in life, not quit trying.

Her motivation to pursue facial rejuvenation was a combination of vanity and something bigger. In a nutshell, it’s not just to look younger. It’s not just to remain current at work or socially. It’s about pursuing the perfectly normal desire to feel better about yourself. That might mean learning a new skill, starting a new or second career, losing weight, getting fit, tackling a big project, pushing yourself to run a race or do something else you’ve never done before. Or, it might mean taking steps to regain your younger-looking face and neck.

Sounds simple enough, yet too often we don’t give ourselves permission to be at our best. Instead, we put everyone and everything else first –– family, work, friends, volunteering, you name it.

Make 2018 the year to pursue whatever it is that will make you feel better about yourself. If it’s to look your natural, “younger-you” best, we hope you will come see board-certified Dr. Robert J. Smyth. With 30+ years of specializing in rejuvenation of just the face and neck, he is known for providing the natural results you want and deserve. You can expect your complimentary consultation to be an easy, no-pressure way to learn what’s new, what’s proven and what might be best for you.

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