Cosmetic Surgery. Botox. Dermal Fillers.

What do you need for the results you want?

Cosmetic Surgery Cincinnati, OHAfter a certain age, most of us have stood in front of the mirror at one time or another, looking at our face and wondering, “Can they just tighten things a little here or there?” … or “What if I had some Botox between my eyes?”… or “Maybe some fillers around my mouth is all I need.”… and “Look at what happens when I pull up the skin just a bit along my jawline and neck!”

You know how you’d like to look. What you don’t know is how to get the results you want safely, cost effectively, and without the dreaded fear of overdoing it when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Stop waiting and wondering. Instead, get busy on finding out what you need to do for the results you desire.

Get informed. Do your research and read up on today’s leading, minimally-invasive facial cosmetic surgery procedures (such as the Timeless Lift), as well as Botox, dermal fillers (injectables), and other newer-to-the-market treatments such as CoolSculpting and Kybella. Review not just women’s magazines but also reputable health and beauty websites as well as those of the pharmaceutical companies that make Botox and fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane and Voluma. Prepare a list of questions and visit several cosmetic surgeons to gather and compare their answers. Look at the expertise of the surgeon, how many facial cosmetic procedures he or she has performed, length of recovery of the suggested procedure, cost of treatment, how long results typically last, and detailed expectations for the healing period.

Be a tough consumer. Don’t agree to having any kind of surgical or non-surgical facial cosmetic procedure just because it’s new, everyone is talking about it, or it’s advertised all over TV. Same goes for a pushy surgeon or staff. If you’re feeling pressured, step away and rethink things before you decide to proceed.

Understand what does what. Cosmetic surgery, Botox and Dermal Fillers can deliver outstanding results whether performed individually or in combination. Each has their own purpose and specific area(s) of the face and neck they address in helping to turn back the clock on aging.

  • Cosmetic surgery is the only solution for removing excess, loose, sagging skin at the lower face, jawline and in the neck area. For example, the minimally-invasive Timeless Lift is today’s most proven facelift/neck lift for lifting and removing extra, drooping skin in the jowls and neck area to provide the natural, fresher, more youthful appearance most people desire. The procedure performed by Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati is done under strictly local anesthesia, along with some mild relaxation medication. Patients are entirely comfortable throughout the 1-1/2 hour procedure and are spared the longer recovery and risks associated with general anesthesia. Results typically last 6-10 years, after which the Timeless Lift can be repeated, if desired. What’s the cost? If the lift lasts you 10 years, you will have invested less than $2/per day in having the natural, “younger-you” appearance you want.
  • Botox is used to soften fine lines starting to form around the eyes, and to erase frown lines between the brows (“11s”). Botox injections typically last three to six months.
  • Dermal Fillers (aka injectables) are a highly-effective way to fill creases, fine lines and wrinkles that occur as we age and our skin’s collagen production slows. Among today’s most popular fillers are Juvederm (often used in the nasolabial folds and around the mouth), Restylane (specially formulated for the more fragile skin in the under eye area), and Voluma (designed to restore volume in the cheek area). Fillers cannot remove excess skin. Results of most dermal fillers will last up to nine months. The time varies by the individual, sun exposure, smoking, healthy diet, stress, and lifestyle.

To learn more about today’s minimally-invasive facial cosmetic surgery procedures and treatments, or to schedule your complimentary, no pressure, one-on-one consultation with Dr. Robert J. Smyth, please call 513.201.8490. We’d love to meet you and help you look as young as you feel.