Cosmetic Procedures to Refresh Your Face

What works for what’s bothering you

If you’re over 50, it’s likely your face is starting to show signs of aging, and some signs in particular are bothering you. It could be you have droopy upper eyelids, bags under your eyes, loose skin in the lower face/neck and a sagging jawline, wrinkles in your facial skin, or folds at the nose and mouth –– all common as we get older.

You want to do something to refresh your face, but what? It’s hard to know which cosmetic procedures do what and which truly work, especially when we’re bombarded with ads on TV, in print and on social media touting the virtue of a small army of treatments and procedures.

Here is some honest information as to “what works for what’s bothering you” from Dr. Robert J. Smyth, cosmetic surgeon in Cincinnati OH, with 30+ years specializing in just the face and neck area.

• Problem Area: Droopy upper eyelids and/or bags at the lower eyelid
An upper eyelid lift (upper blepharoplasty) removes the excess, sagging skin of the upper eyelid that can cause you to look tired, unhappy or older than your years. A lower eyelid lift (lower blepharoplasty) removes bags under the eye for a smoother, more youthful look. A dermal filler called Restylane® also may be used to fill hollowed-out areas under the eyes. Results are immediate, last 10 years or longer, and the procedure can be repeated, as desired.

• Problem Area: Loose Skin in the Lower Face/Neck and a Sagging Jawline
A lower facelift/neck lift, such as the renowned and minimally-invasive Timeless Lift™, removes the excess, loose, sagging skin in the cheeks, lower face and neck to give you a natural, refreshed, “younger-you” look. Results are immediate, last six to 10 years for most patients, and the procedure can be repeated, as desired. Dr. Smyth has performed more than 3,000 of the remarkable Timeless Lift procedure.

• Problem Area: Wrinkles in Your Facial Skin, Uneven Skin Texture and/or Dark Spots
Laser skin resurfacing improves the “quality” of the skin. It cannot remove excess skin but, instead, the heat of the laser generates new skin cell growth for a smoother, softer, more even-toned complexion. Think of it as a physician-controlled sunburn. Expect some peeling and redness as part of the healing process which can take several weeks. Results can be quite remarkable and last for 10 years or longer provided patients take care of their skin, especially protecting it from the sun and also by not smoking.

• Problem Area: Folds at the Nose and Mouth Area
This problem area can be remedied or greatly improved with dermal fillers such as Juvederm® or Voluma®, whether used alone or in combination with the Timeless lift (lower facelift/neck lift). Your facial cosmetic surgeon will be able to guide you to your best solution once he or she sees you at your in-person consultation.


  • Despite what may be promised, no cream or lotion can remove excess skin. Only cosmetic procedures can eliminate loose, sagging, excess skin.
  • Treatments such as Kybella and Cool Sculpting cannot permanently remove loose, excess skin. They can show some tightening of the skin after a number of treatments are performed. Also, results typically last for only a short period of time compared to a minimally-invasive surgical procedure, such as the Timeless Lift™ lower facelift/neck lift.
  • Dr. Smyth performs all facial cosmetic procedures with his patients having strictly local anesthesia along with a slight amount of relaxation medication. Patients are kept entirely comfortable during the procedure and are spared the longer recovery time and risks associated with general anesthesia.

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