How to Judge Online Reviews

Facelifts, Eyelid Surgery, Injectables, Botox & CoolSculpting Reviews

Coolsculpting Reviews Online Cincinnati, OHWe all do it. Whatever we may be researching –– clothes, cars, shoes, repairmen, restaurants, or facial cosmetic surgery and treatments –- we go online to get more information and quite often, check out the “reviews”. Sounds like a logical approach. After all, educating yourself on a topic makes you a better consumer, right?

Yes, and no. Yes, provided the information is honest, accurate and reliable. No, if someone is using the online forum as a way to unfairly vent about a person, product or service or worse yet, to tell outright lies. While most people are smart enough to realize you can’t believe everything you read; there are some who do. Stories abound of false accusations being made –– oftentimes by a competitor –- resulting in businesses and reputations wrongfully maligned. With no easy way for the accused to respond online to defend themselves or to have unverified reviews removed, once posted, the damage is done.

So when it comes to facial rejuvenation, how do you judge an online review about a facial cosmetic surgical procedure (facelift, eyelid surgery, laser skin resurfacing), a non-surgical treatment such as CoolSculpting, a physician or surgeon, a facial spa/salon, or an esthetician? Simple. Do not take the review as gospel. Do your own research. Schedule an appointment to visit firsthand the physician/surgeon, other professional, or the spa/salon. Ask friends and family. Read all you can about a procedure or treatment, turning to reliable healthcare resources (not just the manufacturer or pharmaceutical company behind it), and not just the competition or someone with a bone to pick.

Remember, an online review is one person’s opinion ¬¬–– not enough information, in our opinion, for making an important decision.