Considering A Face Surgery Procedure?

Who’s having what done and why.

If you believe you have every right to look as good as you can whatever your age, you share the thinking of thousands of other women and men who have had or are considering a facial cosmetic procedure.

Contrary to popular opinion, sheer vanity is not the only or main motivation behind someone taking the step to have face surgery. Not feeling good about one’s self and the resulting loss of self-confidence can be as much an impetus as looking in the mirror and seeing the lines and wrinkles that come with growing older.

In the words of one patient who recently had the lower facelift/neck lift (Timeless Lift™) performed by face and neck cosmetic surgeon/specialist, Dr. Robert J. Smyth, “I was tired of how my aging face and neck were changing my outlook on life and how the way I interacted with people which, in turn, affected how people responded to me. I was becoming more and more reclusive and just not the person I used to be. Since the face surgery, I feel like me again.”

“We hear this kind of reaction often and it’s very rewarding to know we can make such a difference, but it’s not to say that face surgery is life changing for everyone,” says Dr. Smyth. “As a surgeon, it is my responsibility to discuss expectations with every patient and to make sure the patient is a good candidate for surgery, both aesthetically and emotionally. What I can say is that the goal is always a natural result, which in my opinion means patients look like a younger version of themselves. The fact that looking younger can have such a positive impact on their happiness and self-confidence is the icing on the cake.”

Whatever the reason you may be considering face surgery –– whether facial aesthetics, turning back the clock on aging, self-confidence, or a combination thereof –– if your reason matters to you, it’s reason enough to explore your options and to learn more. In the process, be sure to look for a dedicated face and neck cosmetic surgeon/specialist and to discuss expectations.

Face Surgery Procedures Most Frequently Performed

Here’s a brief look at the most common, proven cosmetic face surgery procedures, the areas for which they are intended, and what they can and cannot improve.

Minimally Invasive Timeless Lift™ (lower facelift/neck lift)

  • Lifts sagging cheeks, smoothes the lower face and neck, and redefines the jawline for a refreshed, younger-looking face and neck
  • Removes and softens facial lines and wrinkles, but face laser resurfacing may be needed to eliminate all lines, wrinkles and to improve the texture of skin damaged by excessive sun exposure or smoking
  • Includes submental liposuction (removing excess fat under the chin) for patients who need it
  • Cannot remove all lines or folds immediately around the mouth area (these should be treated, filled and smoothed with dermal fillers such as Juvederm)
  • Cannot lift or eliminate loose, wrinkly skin at or below the collarbone

Laser Skin Resurfacing

  • Improves the texture (quality) of skin that has been damaged by sun, smoking, stress, lifestyle
  • Softens and eliminates lines, wrinkles and the crepe-paper look of damaged skin
  • Can make the skin tone/color more uniform
  • Can be performed on the entire face or in specific areas such as around the mouth or under the eyes
  • Cannot remove loose or excess, sagging skin

Brow Lift

  • Elevates the brows into their proper, aesthetically-pleasing position
  • Can correct some hooding of the upper eyelids laterally
  • Cannot eradicate loose upper eyelid skin

Chin Implant

  • Aligns the front and profile views of the chin with the face
  • Cannot eliminate lines and wrinkles around the mouth
  • Cannot correct dental problems