How to Choose A Facial Plastic Surgeon

7 expectations every patient should have

patient-facial-plastic-surgeonYou’ve been thinking about seeing a Facial Plastic Surgeon for a long time, perhaps even for several years. You get as far as jotting down the name and number of a doctor someone has recommended or whose ads you’ve seen. You go online and check out the websites of facial plastic surgeons in your area. You narrow your list to one or two surgeons you want to visit in person. Still, something keeps you from picking up the phone and calling for an appointment.

If it’s at all comforting, you’re not alone in your hesitancy. Among the thoughts that can keep people from taking the next step toward facial rejuvenation are…

“Will the facial plastic surgeon take me seriously–– what if he or she thinks my concerns about how my face and neck are aging are silly or trite?” “Am I the kind of person the surgeon wants to help – in other words, am I attractive enough going in?” “What if he or she tries to talk me into doing something that I don’t want to do?”

Stop worrying. Pick up the phone and schedule your appointment. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Either you’ll find a facial plastic surgeon you feel is trustworthy and knowledgeable, or you’ll confirm that the surgeon is not the right one for you. In both cases, you’ve moved closer to doing something for yourself and to looking your best at your age. Remember, this is about you. You’re in the driver’s seat as you go about looking for and choosing a facial plastic surgeon.

At your appointment, here are 7 expectations you should have when deciding which facial plastic surgeon is best for you.

We believe a Facial Plastic Surgeon should always…

1. Make your initial consultation a no-charge, complimentary visit.
While some facial plastic surgeons charge for a consultation, we believe the initial visit should be a no-cost opportunity for the patient to learn more about the doctor and vice versa, to discuss and describe the various procedures or treatments available, and to get a general idea as to recovery time, as well as pricing and payment plans that make facial rejuvenation affordable for most everyone.

2. Meet with you in person at your initial visit.
Your time is valuable. If you’ve taken the time to come in for a consultation, you want to speak with the doctor, not a consultant.

3. Take the time to answer all of your questions.
A great surgeon respects your questions and concerns (whatever they may be), understands that facial rejuvenation can be a big step, and happily explains things in as much detail as you desire.

4. Advise you (NEVER sell you) on what can be done to give you the natural, refreshed, “younger-you” look you want.
Whether the doctor recommends you have a surgical procedure or a non-surgical treatment, or perhaps a combination of the two for achieving your best results, it should be just that – a recommendation. What they should never do is to try to talk you into something you’re not comfortable doing. If you’re feeling pressure, it’s time to leave.

5. Share photos of his or her work.
Most facial cosmetic patients understandably prefer to keep their procedures private, and patient privacy must always be honored. To that point, a facial plastic surgeon may have performed thousands of cases but have only the photos from a handful or two of patients who are willing to share their results. Even so, ask to see the surgeon’s work –- his or her actual patients. Just know that parts of faces may be blacked out so that you cannot identify the patient.

6. Have extensive experience in the specific areas that bother you.
“Experience matters –– especially when it’s your face”. It stands to reason that like any other field or specialty, the more a surgeon operates on just the face and neck area, the better they are at what they do. Look for a face and neck specialist.

7. Clearly love what they do and care about pleasing you.
This is a hard one to define in words; it’s more a matter of gut instinct. Simply put, you’ll know you’re in the right place and that you’ve met the right facial plastic surgeon when you “feel” it. You can sense when a surgeon loves what they do, has unending respect for their patients, and happily and eagerly delivers outstanding care. That’s the surgeon you want –- the professional who gets as excited as you about making you look as young as you feel –– natural, more youthful, and more confident.

Dr. Smyth is one of the Midwest’s most trusted face and neck specialists. He is fortunate to have patients of all ages come from a 100-mile radius to get the natural, lasting results he provides. For a complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Smyth, please call 513.201.8490.