Brow Lifts are Just One Option

Getting the refreshed-looking eyes of your younger years.

Brow LiftA heavy-looking brow area –- speaking in terms of the structure of our face, not in terms of having thick, dark eyebrows –– can make us look tired, angry, sad or distressed when in fact we are feeling just fine. What happens, even as young as in our early 40s, is our forehead region starts to show signs of laxity as part of our genetics and the normal aging process due to the natural loss of collagen.

“Patients often come in believing they need a brow lift to correct this problem when, in fact, an upper eyelid lift or a combination of both a brow lift and upper eyelid lift are the best solution,” says Dr. Robert J. Smyth, facial cosmetic surgeon and facial rejuvenation specialist, in Cincinnati OH.

“There’s no one solution that’s right for everyone,” adds Dr. Smyth. “Each patient is unique by their bone structure, resilience of their facial muscles and condition of their skin. I look at the eyes, brows and forehead as one region, all needing to work together to provide the natural look my patients desire.”

In addition to surgical solutions to eliminate heaviness in the brow and forehead region are non-surgical treatments, such as injections of Botox or dermal fillers. “The artful and conservative placement of injectables may remedy the issue on their own, or they can serve as an excellent complement to a brow lift or upper eyelid surgery,” says Dr. Smyth.

If a brow lift is the preferred recommendation, the type of brow lift can vary by the placement of the incisions, again depending on the patient’s needs and if they are male or female. The tiny incisions may be discretely hidden in the upper hairline or at the temples or, for some patients, in both areas.

Before having a brow lift, take time to consult with one or more highly-experienced facial cosmetic surgeons and ask them what they recommend and “why”. Discuss your goal for results and make sure that you and the surgeon are on the same page.

The goal should ALWAYS be a natural-looking brow, eye and forehead region for a refreshed and bright-eyed look –– NEVER a too tight or startled, wide-eyed look.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati OH has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490