What facial cosmetic procedure is best for what’s bothering you?

Know the “zones” of your face to help you decide.

Facial Cosmetic Procedure Cincinnati, OHAfter a certain age, most everyone has something that bothers them about their face. Before you take any steps to improve things, it’s important to understand what will work and what won’t.

That requires understanding the different “zones” of your face. The various zones (areas) of your face each demand a different approach when it comes to correcting the natural effects of aging. There’s no one way procedure or treatment that can do it all and still leave you with the natural, “younger-you” results you want.

Here are the five common zones of your face and how facial cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Robert J. Smyth, in Cincinnati OH, specialist with 30+ years in just the face and neck area, typically addresses each.

Zone: Lower Face and Neck

Problem: Loose, sagging skin in the lower face and neck, jowls, and turkey neck
Solution: A minimally-invasive lower facelift such as the Timeless Lift® will remove the extra skin in the lower face, cheeks and neck areas to leave your face looking gently and naturally lifted, your jawline restored, neck smoother, and your overall look younger and refreshed. NOTE: A lower facelift will not affect the eyes, the area immediately around the mouth, or the brow and forehead area.

Zone: Around Your Mouth

Problem: Pesky, vertical lines above and below your lip lines
Solution: Dermal fillers such as Juvederm can help to smooth these fine lines. Laser skin resurfacing is another option, but it requires more time for healing.

Zone: Brow and Forehead

Problem: Horizontal lines on your forehead and/or vertical lines between your brows
Solution: Botox injections can soften the expression lines on your forehead and between your brows. Deep creases may also require treatment with dermal fillers.

Problem: Low, heavy-looking brow line
Solution: If your brow line has dropped over the years and you feel that you’re always having to purposely lift your brows so that people don’t ask why you’re frowning or look so tired, a brow lift might be the suggested remedy.

Zone: Side of Nose to Mouth

Problem: Lines, folds or furrows from the bottom outside edges of your nose to your mouth
Solution: This is a common area to show laxity as the face ages. Minimal laxity may be treated with dermal fillers, while deeper folds may require a combination of the minimally-invasive lower facelift and dermal fillers.

Zone: Chin

Problem: Receding chin
Solution: A chin implant is a minor surgical procedure that can work wonders to provide a more attractive and natural-looking profile.

Problem: Double Chin
Solution: Submental liposuction is a quick and proven, minor surgical procedure for removing the fat under the chin. Liposuction can be performed alone or in combination with a lower facelift.

Zone: Eyes

Problem: Heavy upper lids with loose and extra skin
Solution: An upper blepharoplasty (upper eyelid surgery) is a remarkable way to look brighter, more awake and refreshed. The goal is always an entirely natural look, with special attention given to the female eye versus the male eye.

Problem: Puffy or sunken lower lids
Solution: Puffy lower lids may require a lower blepharoplasty (lower eyelid lift), while sunken areas below the eyes may be best treated with dermal fillers intended specifically for the thin, delicate skin in this area.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth, MD is a leading facelift surgeon and specialist in Cincinnati OH whose patients come from a 100-mile radius. He has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, submental liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox.

For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490.

Deciding to Have a Facelift

5 things that might be holding you back.

Deciding on Facelift Cincinnati, OHIt’s no easy decision to have a facelift. Everyone has at last some reservations about undergoing plastic surgery, even those who routinely have Botox, dermal filler injections, laser and other facial cosmetic treatments.

What might surprise you are the most common concerns people have.

Here are the top five reasons that hold people back from having a facelift, as seen in the practice of Dr. Robert J. Smyth, facial cosmetic surgeon in Cincinnati, Ohio, who specializes in just the face and neck area and who has performed more than 3,000 facelifts in the past 30+ years.

#5 “Can I afford it?”
Cost is definitely a legitimate concern. What we tell our patients is to look at the return on your investment. The results of a facelift typically will last 6-10 years, provided you take care of your skin (protect it from the sun, don’t smoke, eat a healthy diet, etc.). If your facelift lasts 10 years, it will have cost you in the range of $1.81 to $2.08 per day at Dr. Smyth’s current, all-inclusive rate.

#4 “What will people say?”
It’s perfectly natural to worry that other people will think you are being vain or self-indulgent. However, many times their criticism is a cover-up for the envy they actually feel. Bottom line, it’s your life to enjoy as you wish. If all of our decisions were based on what others said about us, we wouldn’t get very far in life.

#3 “Will I look better afterward or odd like some of the Hollywood stars?”
A natural look is ALWAYS the desired result when having a facelift. The overdone look might be acceptable in Hollywood, but nowhere else. You can trust that Dr. Smyth will always take a conservative approach. The goal post-surgery is that you look entirely like yourself –– a “younger you” from a decade or so earlier.

#2 “What if I’m not happy with the results?”
This is why it’s so important that you and your surgeon (not just a consultant in the office) sit down for an in-person consultation well in advance of scheduling a facelift to discuss your expectations and what the surgeon feels he or she can achieve. For example, Dr. Smyth will show you in the mirror what you can expect from having the minimally-invasive Timeless Lift™ he performs. It’s a remarkable difference in removing excess, sagging skin from the lower face/jowls and neck while ensuring you still look entirely natural. Though rarely the case, Dr. Smyth can do a revision to further lift the face if he and the patient agree. His philosophy is that you can go always do another slight tuck, but you cannot reverse a too-tight result. Only time can do that.

#1 “I don’t deserve it.”
Believe it or not, this is the main reason holding people back from having a facelift. Most of us –– women especially –– spend our lives putting everyone else’s needs and desires ahead of our own. We do this for so many years that we finally just decide to forego the things that would make us happy, feeling we don’t deserve them –– be it a trip, new furniture, a new wardrobe… or a facelift. If you fall into this camp, we understand completely, BUT we encourage you to believe that you do indeed deserve to be happy, to feel good about yourself and to regain the self-confidence you may have lost over the years. If that means having a facelift, do it.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth. MD is a leading facelift surgeon and specialist in Cincinnati OH whose patients come from a 100-mile radius. He has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, submental liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox.

For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490.

Your Facelift Questions Answered

Dr. Smyth shares 10 real-life expectations for patients.

Facelift Questions Answered Cincinnati, OH#1 Expect to look like yourself, only younger and refreshed.
The goal of facial cosmetic surgery in today’s world is NATURAL — you should ALWAYS look like yourself after whatever procedure you may undergo. A successful result for a lower facelift/neck lift is to look like a refreshed “younger-you” –- NEVER the tight, pulled look of the past. The Timeless Lift™ performed by Dr. Robert J. Smyth, facial cosmetic surgeon and specialist in just the face and neck area who has performed more than 3,000 facelifts, lifts the lower face and sagging jowls to provide a refined jawline, smoother neck and younger appearance.

#2 Expect friends NOT to say anything to you.
Friends and family will know you look better, brighter, happier and more refreshed, which means they may wonder if you’ve “something done”. However, they may not ask you outright, because they feel it’s rude to do so or because you look so good yet natural, they’re really not sure.

#3 Expect the incision lines to be visible for the first few weeks post-procedure, gradually fading each day until they essentially disappear. The incision lines of today’s minimally invasive facelift (Timeless Lift™) are extremely thin and artfully tucked into the natural crease that all of us have in front of our ear, making them easy to hide during the healing period. Most women simply pull down a few pieces of hair to obscure the skinny lines which, again, fade away in short time.

#4 Expect to return to work and moderate activities within 10-14 days post-procedure.
“My patients come back into the office at eight days post-facelift to have their tiny sutures removed. Most then return to work and routine activities. I recommend waiting about two weeks post-facelift to resume heavy exercise or lifting.”

#5 Expect to be able to have future facelifts, if desired.
The Timeless Lift™ not only turns back the clock a good 10 years for most people, but it lasts anywhere from six to 10 years after which it can be repeated and once again provide outstanding results. “It’s common to have patients from a decade ago come back to have another lift performed,” says Dr. Smyth. “They loved the results the first time and want to turn back the clock again to look as young as they feel.”

#6 Expect to feel anxious ahead of time.
Experiencing at least a little anxiety before a facelift, even if you’ve had one in the past, is absolutely normal. Not to worry. “My patients take a mild relaxation medication an hour before surgery, along with some light sedation pre-procedure,” says Dr. Smyth. “Patients oftentimes sleep through the procedure.”

#7 Expect to feel no discomfort during the actual procedure.
The minimally-invasive Timeless You™ facelift is performed with the patient having strictly local anesthesia and the light sedation mentioned in #5. Patients are kept entirely comfortable throughout the procedure and are spared the longer recovery and risks associated with general anesthesia.

#8 Expect to feel a sense of snugness in your cheeks and neck after your facelift.
Patients may have a bit of swelling and minimal bruising post-procedure, which can translate into their face feeling snug –– not tight and not painful. Patients are asked to apply ice packs for the first 48 hours post-op, followed by warm compresses until any bruising fades, which happens gradually and usually disappears altogether within 10-12 days.

#9 Expect to have a bandage and wrap around your face for the first 48 hours post-procedure.
To protect the face and help ensure optimal results, a soft and stretchy cotton wrap is placed over a bandage in the lower face area immediately following a facelift. Dr. Smyth removes this initial dressing at 24 hours post-procedure and replaces it with a smaller wrap for day two post—op. On day three post-op, patients can remove the smaller wrap and the healing will continue on its own. Wearing the wraps is another reason why most patients stay in for the first several days after their surgery and take this time to relax and let their face heal.

#10 Expect to feel better emotionally as well as look better.
“Lift your face. Lift your confidence. Lift your life.” That’s the beauty of a facelift. Beyond looking better, patients feel better about themselves in ways they never even expected. They often remark about how they feel re-energized, ready to get back into the work world and re-ignite their social life and friendships. We hear wonderful stories of how people renew old hobbies like dancing or traveling, or get involved in all new adventures.

For more information or to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, one-on-one consultation, please call the Robert J. Smyth Facial Cosmetic Center––Timeless You™ Cincinnati at 513.201.8490. For more information, updates and pricing specials, visit www.timelessyoumd.com.

Facial Cosmetic Rejuvenation by Your Decade

Updated options for your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s and 70s

Facial Cosmetic Procedure Cincinnati, OHYou may have already noticed, but a growing number of people are adopting an “anti-aging plan” for their face and neck –– meaning a well-considered regimen of non-surgical treatments often beginning in their 30s and 40s, then adding surgical procedures in their 50s and beyond.

This is due in part because as more and more people –– both women and men –– routinely engage in facial rejuvenation, many of the stigmas from the past about “having something done” are disappearing, as they should. After all, why not try to look our best whatever our age.

The added benefit of even starting to think about anti-aging measures for your face and neck when you’re in your 30s or 40s is that your commitment to looking your best often translates to other healthy behaviors, as well, such as not smoking, protecting your skin from the sun, eating a balanced diet, getting exercise and adequate rest, etc.

“Facial cosmetic procedures have become far more the norm for people of all ages than you might imagine,” says Dr. Robert J. Smyth MD, facial cosmetic surgeon and specialist in just the face and neck, who has performed thousands of facial cosmetic procedures over the past 30+ years. “Whether you move ahead with a procedure or not, there’s no harm in having a no-obligation consultation to find out what might be best for you. I often tell patients they don’t need anything just yet, or they need far less than they think. Your consultation with any facial cosmetic surgeon should always be relaxed and educational, never overbearing or hard sell.”

Here are the treatments and procedures, whether one or in combination, that Dr. Smyth performs most often according to a patient’s age.

In your 30s, 40s

Softens fine lines starting to form around the eyes and erases frown lines between the brows (“11s”).

Dermal Fillers
In addition to Botox injections for smoothing wrinkles, are next generation dermal fillers such as Restylane® REFYNE, Restylane® DEFYNE, Restylane® SILK, Juvederm XC®, Juvederm VOLUMA, and others used to fill, smooth and plump droopy areas, such as the cheeks, nasolabial folds, and under eye area where natural aging and fat loss have occurred.

Laser Skin Resurfacing
People who have had excessive sun damage may need laser skin resurfacing to generate new skin cell growth and regain smoother, more evenly colored skin in just the area(s) affected, such as around their mouth or eyes, or to their entire face. NOTE: Laser treatments cannot remove excess skin.

Upper and/or Lower Eyelid Lifts
This is the age when whether due to genetics, sun damage or both, loose skin forms on our upper lids and sags/bags can appear under our eyes.

In your 50s, 60s and 70s

Dermal Fillers
Laser Skin Resurfacing
Upper and/or Lower Eyelid Lifts
Minimally Invasive Facelift (Timeless Lift™)
When gravity wins and we find ourselves with loose, sagging skin in our face and neck area, only a surgical procedure such as the Timeless Lift™ (the minimally-invasive, quicker healing lower face and neck lift that has turned back the clock for hundreds of thousands of consumers) can remove the extra skin to provide the smooth face and neck area and more youthful, defined jawline for the natural, refreshed “younger you” look most people desire.

Dr. Robert Smyth has performed thousands of the above-mentioned procedures for women and men of all ages. Call 513.201.8490 to schedule your complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss your own personal anti-aging plan.

Life After a Face Lift

How to care for your face to maximize your face lift results

Lift After Facelift Timeless You Cincinnati, OHYou did it. You had a face lift. You look better and feel better about yourself than you have in years. What should you now do to preserve the results of your face lift for as long as possible?”

Dr. Robert J. Smyth MD, facial cosmetic surgeon in Cincinnati, OH with 30+ years of experience specializing in just the face and neck area, offers these 5 top recommendations for optimizing the investment you have made in turning back the clock. Remember, results of your face lift should last anywhere from six to 10 years or longer provided you take proper care of your face and neck.

1. Protect your skin from the sun and elements
Direct sun is one of your skin’s greatest enemies. Sun damage breaks down the collagen that supports the underlying tissues of the skin which, in turn, can accelerate the natural aging –– sagging, drooping, wrinkling –– of your facial skin. Outsmart the sun by faithfully applying a sunscreen with a SPF of 30 or higher to your face and neck area all year long. TIP: Treat your skin gently. When applying sunscreen or any type of topical product to your face and neck, do so with a gentle touch –– no tugging or pulling.

2. Explore and use today’s advanced skin care products and treatments
If you haven’t already done so, visit your local makeup counter or do your research online to learn about the benefits of vitamin-based topical serums for your face, Retin-A and its proper use, hydrating moisturizers, and today’s advanced base makeups that provide coverage as well as hydration and sun protection. You might also look into laser and other in-office procedures that can improve the texture of your skin, eliminate tiny red capillaries, smooth or erase lines around the lips, etc. In addition, Botox injections and dermal fillers can be the perfect complement to further refine your face lift results.

3. Eat a healthy diet and get enough sleep
Your skin needs adequate nutrition to look its best and to have the healthy glow, softness and resiliency you desire. The results of a facelift can more quickly disappear if you deprive your body of the vitamins and minerals that come with a diet mostly plant-based (fruits and vegetables) along with healthy protein (fish, chicken, some red meat), proper water intake and moderate consumption of alcohol. A sleep regimen of 8 hours per night is one of the greatest miracles for optimizing your face lift results. NOTE: Do not sleep on your stomach. The repeated pressure of your face in your pillow can cause new lines, folds and wrinkles to appear.

4. Do not smoke
Nothing can undo the positive effects of a facelift more quickly than smoking. Nicotine deprives the skin of oxygen, resulting in the skin having a dull, grayish, unhealthy color, and a loss of tone which translates to lines and wrinkles.

5. Try to eliminate or minimize stress as much as possible
Besides being bad for your overall health, excessive and lasting stress can cause you to frown, not eat properly and experience insomnia, all of which will take a toll on your face and neck skin. Try healthy means to relieve stress, such as regular exercise, relaxation techniques, time spent on hobbies you enjoy and/or getting together with family and friends.

Aftercare of your face lift begins immediately post-procedure and lasts indefinitely. The better you adhere to the recommendations above, the longer your face lift results will last. Any questions, please give Dr. Robert J. Smyth a call at 513.351.0020.

Is it time for an eyelid lift?

5 signs your eyes are making you look older than you are.

Eyelid Lift Cincinnati, OHYour eyelids age right along with the rest of your face. For some people, their eyelids can age even faster than their face, jowls or neck. Here are 5 signs that your eyelids are making you look older than your age and that an eyelid lift might be right for you.

1. People keep saying “you look tired” or asking you “what’s wrong?

2. You’re having a difficult time applying makeup, finding that eyeshadow and eyeliner tends to collect in upper lid creases and folds.

3. Your lower lids have bags or are constantly puffy.

4. The skin on your lids is no longer smooth but, instead, has a crepe-like texture.

5. When gently pulling on your upper eyelid skin, it does not immediately return to its original position. You feel that you almost have to “pat it” back into place.

What is the right age to consider having an eyelid lift?

Most people don’t need an eyelid lift until age 50 or older. However, some people as young as their later 30s may consider having an eyelid due to having heavy upper eyelids or baggy lower lids that tend to run in their family.

What does an eyelid lift procedure entail?

According to Dr. Robert J. Smyth MD, facial cosmetic surgeon and facial rejuvenation specialist in Cincinnati OH with 30+ years of experience in just the face and neck area, “the eyelid lift procedure is performed with my patients having strictly local anesthesia along with a slight amount of relaxation medication. The patient is kept entirely comfortable throughout the procedure and spared the longer recovery and risks associated with general anesthesia. I carefully place the skinny incisions in the natural crease of the upper eyelid and immediately beneath the lash line of the lower eyelid so that as they heal they quickly become unnoticeable.

What is the recovery period?

You may have a slight bit of swelling and/or bruising in the eyelid area post-procedure. You will be asked to stop taking aspirin or aspirin-related products for two weeks pre-procedure to help reduce the chance of bruising. Any bruising or swelling that does occur will wane and disappear rapidly. The skinny incision line will be a pinkish color. This too will fade quickly. The tiny stitches dissolve on their own which means there’s no need for suture removal. Most patients go back to work and resume non-strenuous activities within 3 to 4 days post-procedure. You will want to avoid any strenuous sports or activities for 10 days post-procedure.

How long will results last?

Results can last 10 to 20 years or longer, depending on your lifestyle and general health. You will want to protect your face and eye area from the sun, using a sunscreen intended for the eye area and wearing high-quality sunglasses and a wide-brimmed hat or visor when in direct sunlight.

What questions should you ask of your facial cosmetic surgeon?

Be sure to discuss with your surgeon the “art” of eyelid lifts and the differences between a woman’s eyelift and a man’s eyelift in order to achieve the entirely natural results desired.

For more information about eyelid lifts, today’s remarkable minimally invasive facelift and neck lift and other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as brow lifts, laser skin rejuvenation and dermal fillers… or to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Robert J Smyth, please call the Robert J. Smyth Facial Cosmetic Center––Timeless You™ Cincinnati at 513.201.8490, or visit www.timelessyoumd.com.

What’s keeping you from having facial plastic surgery?

Stop with the reasons why not, and do something for you.

Keeping You From Plastic SurgeryThere are plenty of people who swear they will never have facial plastic surgery. They have no problem with how the natural aging process is affecting their face, eyes and neck. Their feelings are to be respected.

However, there also are plenty of other people who think, think and think some more about having “something done” to their aging face –– sometimes for two, three, five years or longer. While unhappy with how they are aging, they can’t allow themselves to see a facial cosmetic specialist, if only for a non-obligatory consultation. Many of these people will admire a friend for having had a facial plastic procedure or non-surgical treatments (Botox or dermal fillers), but still are unable to do the same for themselves.

Why is it that we deny ourselves the opportunity to feel better about how we look, even when deep down we truly desire a change?

If any of the following reasons sound familiar, you’re in good company. They represent some of the typical “reasons why not” that we’ve heard over the past 30+ years in consultations with thousands of patients.

Typical reasons why people put off having facial cosmetic surgery.

• I have no business spending money like that on myself.
• I’ll just make do with how I look –– my best days are over anyway.
• My kids will have a fit if I do anything about how I look.
• My friends will talk about me –- what will people think at work?
• I have to take care of my kids and grandkids –– no time for me.
• Who do I think I am –– I’m no movie star!
• You do that and then you have to do something with your hair and your wardrobe.
• What if I’m still not happy with my life after the surgery?

Is it time to do something just for you?

If there’s a common theme to the above list, it’s that people (women in particular) tend to put everybody else’s needs and concerns ahead of their own, or they feel they are undeserving of doing something just for themselves. We understand completely and never pressure patients to have any kind of procedure or treatment they are not ready to do. On the other hand, extremely exciting is the happiness and renewed confidence we see in people’s faces when they look younger and feel better about themselves. Let’s talk. We’d love to hear your story and tell you more about what might be a life-changing moment for you.

For more information about today’s remarkable minimally invasive facelift and neck lift and other facial rejuvenation procedures, such as eyelid lifts, brow lifts, laser skin rejuvenation and dermal fillers… or to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Robert J Smyth, please call the Robert J. Smyth Facial Cosmetic Center––Timeless You™ Cincinnati at 513.201.8490, or visit www.timelessyoumd.com.

What can I do about my wrinkly neck?

A neck lift helps to smooth and make your neck look younger.

Neck Lift Cincinnati, OH“In the last few years, my neck has become so lined and wrinkled, even more so than my face. My mom had the same problem as she got into her 60s.”

“In the last few years, my neck has become so lined and wrinkled, even more so than my face. My mom had the same problem as she got into her 60s.”

“I hate how my neck looks. I look in the mirror and see vertical lines in the front part of my neck and horizontal folds at the sides. My neck looks 10 years older than my age.”

“I’m not a scarf person, but now that my neck has become so wrinkly I find myself trying to hide it with a scarf or turned-up collar. I’m very self-conscious about it.”

These are real comments from real patients. As we age, the skin in our neck typically begins to show laxity, and the muscle bands (vertical lines in the front of the neck) become more visible. Add to this the excess and sagging skin in the lower face that creates jowls, and the result is our face and neck area looks older than our age.

A wrinkled neck (like the skin on our face, arms and legs) can be caused by genetics but even more so by the normal aging process as well as sun damage, stress, and poor nutrition. It’s common for people to be very diligent about applying sunscreen to their face but to overlook their neck. The result over time can mean not only loose skin in the neck but also skin that is crepe-like in texture and less smooth.

While some of today’s advanced, anti-aging serums and creams can help to improve the texture of the neck, only a surgical procedure will eliminate the excess loose skin and remedy the prominent vertical muscle bands.

A proven solution for an aging neck is the minimally-invasive lower facelift/neck lift –– called the Timeless Lift® –– performed by Dr. Robert J. Smyth MD in Cincinnati, OH. This combined neck lift and lower facelift procedure lifts and smooths the entire lower face and neck area in one procedure. The procedure includes submental liposuction (if needed), a simple step that Dr. Smyth uses to remove fatty deposits under the chin and to further smooth the neck and jawline area.

The Timeless Lift® is performed under local anesthesia, with patients being entirely comfortable throughout the procedure but without the risks and longer recovery time associated with general anesthesia. Recovery can include some minor bruising and swelling but most patients return to work and full activities at 10-14 days post procedure.
Results of the Timeless Lift™ facelift/neck lift last six to 10 years depending on the patient and how well they take care of their health and protect their skin from sun damage.

All patients will see improvement from the neck lift procedure, especially those with mild to moderate neck wrinkles. Patients with severe lines and folds in their neck should discuss expectations with their surgeon in advance of the procedure, as they may have more bruising and a longer healing time. Also, for best results, patients who are more than 20 pounds over their ideal weight and plan to lose the weight should do so prior to their neck lift.

TIP: If considering a neck lift and/or lower facelift, be sure to choose a face and neck rejuvenation specialist who is board certified, has extensive experience, and who will be happy to answer all of your questions at a personal consultation. “Having performed more than 3,000 lower facelifts/neck lifts, there is a definite art to providing the natural results patients want and deserve,” says Dr. Smyth.

For more information or to schedule a no-pressure, complimentary, personal consultation with Dr. Robert J Smyth, please call the Robert J. Smyth Facial Cosmetic Center––Timeless You™ Cincinnati at 513.201.8490, or visit www.timelessyoumd.com.

What to expect from Wrinkle Fillers

3 things you should. 3 you should not.

wrinkle fillers cincinnati ohToday’s dermal fillers, also known as injectables, are wowing women and men of all ages and for good reason. They can do a remarkable job of temporarily softening or removing moderate to severe facial lines, wrinkles and folds. That being said, there are always limitations as to what wrinkle fillers are actually capable of achieving.

“To avoid any disappointment, it’s essential to help patients understand what dermal fillers can and cannot do and to set expectations upfront,” says Dr. Robert J. Smyth in Cincinnati OH, facial cosmetic surgeon specializing in rejuvenation of just the face and neck area for more than 30 years.

Here is a brief look at what Dr. Smyth feels patients should and should not expect from today’s leading wrinkle fillers, including Juvederm®, Restylane®, Radiesse® and Voluma®, as well as Botox®.


Immediate Improvement
Treatment with dermal fillers produces almost immediate improvement. If you want to see results quickly, injections of fillers and/or Botox can be an excellent option.

Minimal/No Bruising
Non-surgical in nature, dermal fillers cause minimal bruising if any at all. That translates into a quick return to work and activities, sometimes even the same day, for most people.

Less Invasive Introduction to Facial Rejuvenation
Think of dermal fillers as an easier entree into the world of facial rejuvenation. Even though today’s minimally-invasive surgical procedures (facelift, brow lift, upper or lower eyelid lifts, etc.) are far less of an undertaking than in the past, they still require a healing time of at least a couple of weeks and can cause the patient greater anxiety than wrinkle fillers.


Not Total Correction
Dermal fillers cannot remove loose skin of the face or neck. They cannot remove or fully smooth deeply lined skin caused by years of sun damage or smoking. And they cannot lift sagging cheeks, jowls or eyelids.

Not Long lasting
Dermal fillers are rarely one and done. They will need to be repeated. The frequency of treatments will depend on the patient, their age, the area(s) being treated, and overall condition of the patient’s skin.

Not Necessarily Less Costly Overall (vs. a surgical procedure)
Consult with your surgeon as to what non-surgical and/or surgical procedures he or she recommends to achieve the results you desire, and get the costs for each. Then, do your math. While dermal fillers, per treatment, are less costly than a facelift for example, you have to look at your total cost over time. Which is your better choice? The one-time cost of a facelift that can last six to 10 years on average, or the cost of repeated treatments with dermal fillers over that same period of time? A common option for patients is the combination of a facelift or eyelift, along with dermal fillers as needed.

Remember when considering dermal fillers for facial wrinkles, lines and folds to…
• Discuss your concerns and expectations with your surgeon. There is a definite art to treatment. Choose someone who is highly experienced. Start conservatively –– and add more later, if needed.
• Inform your facial cosmetic surgeon/specialist of any allergies or medical conditions you have, any muscle or nerve conditions you have or have been treated for in the past, and all medications you currently take.
• Enter carefully into savings “deals”, “packages”, “parties” and pricing offers that require you to have more dermal fillers than you actually need in order to get a savings. An overdone face is not worth the money saved.

Call 513.201.8490 to schedule a complimentary consultation or appointment with Dr. Robert J. Smyth to discuss dermal fillers and all of today’s non-surgical and surgical solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger you” look you desire.

How to Get the Natural Look You Want from a Facelift

It Starts with the Surgeon You Select

Face Lift Cincinnati, OHFor anyone contemplating a facelift, nothing is more frightening than the thought of winding up with the stretched, pulled, windswept look that’s reminiscent of years past or the botched jobs you sometimes see on TV.

According to Dr. Robert Smyth, who specializes strictly in rejuvenation of just the face and neck and has performed thousands of facelifts in Cincinnati for patients coming from within a 100-mile radius, “The only result I believe to be acceptable in today’s world is a natural look that leaves you looking like yourself but younger, refreshed and with the smoother face and neck skin and more defined jawline of your younger years.”

“I don’t believe in ‘overdone’, whether it’s a facelift, fillers or Botox. The goal is to have family and friends wondering why you look so good, but not really sure why.”

Dr. Smyth performs the leading minimally-invasive facelift known as the Timeless Lift™. Its proven, natural results have made it the procedure of choice for people from their 40s into their 80s. Having performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts on both women and men, Dr. Smyth has seen most every type of face and aging issue. His mantra: Experience matters, especially when it’s your face.

“Besides the natural results I can achieve with the Timeless Lift, I am able to perform the procedure with the patient having only local anesthesia, along with just a small amount of relaxation medication,” adds Dr. Smyth. “That means my patients have none of the risks of general anesthesia and they enjoy a shorter recovery. My patients are always kept comfortable during surgery. Many sleep through the procedure.”

Looking better is not the only result of having a facelift. Patients are happier, with their confidence lifted along with their face. Patients often feel they have a new lease on life and are re-energized to get out and do things again with family and friends. Most patients return to work and full activities within two-to-three weeks post-procedure, so downtime is minimal.

If you’re thinking about a facelift, take time to talk to your surgeon about his or her philosophy regarding the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve.
We’d love to tell you more about Dr. Robert J. Smyth and the natural-looking facelifts he performs at the TriHealth surgical center in Cincinnati OH.

Let’s talk. Dr. Robert J. Smyth, MD, in Cincinnati OH has performed more than 3,000 minimally-invasive facelifts and thousands of other surgical and non-surgical, anti-aging, facial cosmetic procedures, including upper eyelifts, lower eyelid lifts, brow lifts, submental liposuction, laser skin resurfacing, chin implants, injectables (dermal fillers) and Botox. For more information or to schedule a one-on-one, complimentary, no-pressure consultation with Dr. Smyth to discuss today’s finest solutions for attaining the natural, refreshed and “younger-you” look you deserve, call 513.201.8490.