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The Timeless You™ Neck Lift near Connersville, IN

Connersville, IN Neck LiftAge and time have a way of creeping up on you and no matter how you try, showing their effects, from sagging skin on your neck and face to wrinkles that can often make you look older than you feel. Here at the office of Dr. Robert J. Smyth-Timeless You™ near Connersville, IN, we offer several neck and face rejuvenation services aimed at helping to restore your more youthful look, one of which is the neck lift.

Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck with a Neck Lift near Connersville, IN by Dr. Robert J. Smyth

As the skin on your neck begins to sag, it often resembles the unattractive waddles on the neck of a turkey. Do you find yourself wearing scarves or even turtlenecks to hide the wrinkles? Do you avoid having your photo taken? You’re not alone. Aging neck skin is part of getting older, but you don’t have to live with this problem. In fact, board-certified Dr. Smyth and his team at Timeless You™ are here to help with a minimally invasive neck lift procedure that’s available nearby Connersville, IN.

The neck lift is part of the proven Timeless Lift™ procedure that has been designed to remove sagging skin from the face and neck, and refine the jaw line for a smooth and younger-looking face. This outpatient procedure is performed under strictly local anesthesia along with a small amount of relaxation medication for a faster recovery and none of the risks of general anesthesia. The procedure, which takes only approximately 1-1/2 hours, can take years off your face and neck and leave you looking younger and feeling more confident. The goal is always a refreshed, natural looking “younger you”.

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The best way to learn more about the different types of facelift surgery procedures available and whether you are a good candidate is to visit Dr. Robert J. Smyth at Timeless You™-Cincinnati at 3219 Clifton Avenue, Suite 330, Cincinnati OH 45220 or contact us at (513) 201-8490 to schedule your free initial consultation where you will meet one-on-one with Dr. Smyth to discuss your needs, wants and expectations.