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Turn Back the Clock with a Facelift Procedure near Montgomery, OH

Facelift Procedure Montgomery, OH“Time and tide stop for no man or woman” as the saying goes, but with a facelift procedure performed by Dr. Robert J. Smyth just minutes from Montgomery, OH, you can give your face a much more youthful appearance. Today, approximately 150,000 men and women in the United States pay a visit to their cosmetic surgeon each year in hopes that the many different procedures the surgeon offers can help turn back the hands of time.

Aging can be unkind to your face and neck. Skin cells take longer to divide and repair themselves, your collagen and elastin levels begin to drop off, and of course your skin begins to lose its elasticity, resulting in the formation of unsightly wrinkles. The more the effects of age and gravity take hold, the more your skin will sag. These natural effects of aging can be addressed and greatly improved with the right types of facial cosmetic rejuvenation –– both surgical and non-surgical procedures.

How Facelift Procedures performed nearby Montgomery, OH Can Help

Let’s face facts, no amount of cosmetic surgery and no skilled cosmetic surgeon is going to tell you that a facelift procedure –– whether performed nearby Montgomery, OH or elsewhere –- is capable of completely erasing the effects of time, the environment, the sun, and stress from your face. However, with the right procedures, it is possible to give your face a natural-looking, more youthful appearance by removing/reducing wrinkles on the face, and restoring the more defined jawline and smoother neck of your younger years.

When you come in for your free initial consultation with Dr. Smyth, he will be happy to discuss what concerns you about your face, talk about expectations, and review the procedures and how each is specifically designed to help regain your “younger-you” look. Please allow 45 minutes to one hour to make sure you have time to ask all of the questions you may have, discuss your best options and get the most from your personal consultation.

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