Neck Lift to Get Rid of Your Turkey Neck

Tired of the “waddle” under your chin, or grandchildren playing with the “gobbler”? Can’t button your shirt collar? Are you uncomfortable wearing turtlenecks? Do you hate having your photo taken? These are all valid reasons to have the problem of loose, wrinkled skin and sagging muscles in the neck area (“turkey neck”) resolved with a neck lift.

The Timeless Lift™ provides both a lower facelift and neck lift.

The beauty of the proven and preferred, minimally invasive Timeless Lift is that it rejuvenates the lower face and neck areas in one procedure, resulting in the refined jaw line and neck lift that makes your turkey neck a thing of the past. The result is not only a natural, refreshed, younger-you look, but also the ability to wear the collars and necklines you desire and to regain the confidence you had before beingfaced with excess, sagging neck skin.

Dr. Smyth performs the exciting Timeless Lift™, that includes a neck lift, with the patient having local anesthesia only, preceded by a small amount of relaxation medication. This ensures a faster recovery and eliminates all risks of general anesthesia. Our patients are always comfortable during the procedure (many sleep during the 1-1/2 hour procedure) and typically experience only very mild, if any, discomfort post-procedure. The Timeless Lift™ lasts on average six to 10 years depending on the patient’s lifestyle, health, diet, sun exposure, smoking, stress, and genetics, making it an excellent investment in turning back the clock. The Timeless Lift can be repeated and performed in conjunction with an eyelid lift, Botox, dermal fillers and other facial cosmetic procedures for a single healing period. Click here to see before and after photos of actual Timeless Lift patients of Dr. Smyth and the remarkable results.