Face Lift for Jowls, Loose Facial Skin, Drooping Cheeks

“I look in the mirror and feel like my face has fallen. I have all of this loose skin around my jaw line and neck and my cheeks aren’t as full as they once were. People say I look tired. To me, I look a lot older than I feel.”

Sound familiar? You’re not alone. Aging inherently impacts the integrity, health and robustness of the skin and supporting soft and boney tissue of the face. As a result, the face begins to droop, resulting in jowls (the sagging skin and “parentheses” around the mouth area) and valleys and depressions in the cheeks. All combined, the face can look aged and tired, affecting both our looks and self-confidence.

A Face lift Can Help Remedy These Common Problems

It may be time for a face lift. At some point, the aging process and gravity win. While dermal fillers can help smooth fine lines and fill minor depressions, no fillers or other treatments can rectify loose sagging skin and jowls at the lower face and neck area or drooping cheeks. Only via a face lift, such as today’s proven and preferred, minimally invasive Timeless Lift™, can Dr. Smyth lift the underlying muscle covering of the face, remove excess skin and provide the smooth jaw line/neck area and cheek lift for the natural, refreshed look most people desire.

Dr. Smyth performs the exciting Timeless Lift™ with the patient having local anesthesia only, preceded by a small amount of relaxation medication. This ensures a faster recovery and eliminates all risks of general anesthesia. Our patients are always comfortable during the procedure (many sleep during the 1-1/2 hour procedure) and typically experience only very mild, if any, discomfort post-procedure. The Timeless Lift™ lasts on average six to 10 years depending on the patient’s lifestyle, health, diet, sun exposure, smoking, stress, and genetics, making it an excellent investment in turning back the clock. A face lift can be repeated and performed in conjunction with an eyelid lift, Botox, dermal fillers and other facial cosmetic procedures for a single healing period. Click here to see before and after photos of actual Timeless Lift patients of Dr. Smyth and the remarkable results.