Face Laser Treatment for Fine Lines, Wrinkles and More

It’s nearly impossible to avoid fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and brown spots. Most everyone gets them to some degree… eventually. The fine lines and wrinkles come with the natural aging process as well as from genetics, sun exposure, smoking, poor nutrition, stress, and the lack of adequate body hydration and skin moisturizing. Sun spots and brown spots are simply an overproduction of melanin, your skin’s defense against repeat sun exposure.

What works for getting rid of these common skin aging and discoloration concerns? In most cases, it’s a combination of in-office treatments performed by an experienced facial cosmetic specialist and a regimen of proper skin care at home including products that cleanse, revitalize, restore and protect the skin from the sun and elements.

In-Office Face Laser Treatment and More

Face laser treatment – Face laser treatment, using the Fractional CO2 or other specialty lasers, does a remarkable job of removing the dull, thickened layer of dead, damaged cells on your skin’s surface and at the same time stimulating the collagen underneath for new cell and skin growth as well as improved elasticity and resiliency. Whether a full face laser treatment or just an area of the face (such as around the mouth), Dr. Smyth uses local anesthesia to numb the skin for the patient’s comfort. He then uses the laser to perform a controlled penetration of the skin’s surface going just deep enough to erase fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and brown spots. The healing process (typically 7 to 10 days) involves redness and the patient’s application of ointment to keep the skin lubricated and protected. Most patients are thrilled with the results. Their skin looks fresher and younger, feels smoother and is more even in color. Watchout: Trust only an experienced facial cosmetic surgeon to perform your laser resurfacing treatment to avoid any scarring.

Peels – Glycolic acid, TCA, salicylic and other chemical peels can help lessen or remove fine lines and wrinkles, sun spots and brown spots. While effective, these topical treatments can be more difficult to control in terms of depth of skin penetration than laser treatments. Watchout: All peels may not be appropriate for all skin colors. Be sure to discuss this with your physician.

At-Home Treatments

You have more options today than ever before to help minimize fine lines and wrinkles and fade sun spots and brown spots. Look into the new glycolic acid, retinoid, vitamin-based, natural extracts, and other serums and creams specially designed to help repair and revitalize the skin in texture and coloration. These products can be more costly so you might want to request a sample size to try before purchasing. Watchout: You will be able to get prescription-strength products (more bang for your buck) from a facial cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist versus only milder versions at a makeup counter.