7 Secrets of Faces That Age Well

Facial Cosmetic Surgery is just one of them

How do they do it –– those women (and men) who seem to age better than everyone else? What’s their secret? Is it a matter of “good genes”? While it’s true that genetics play a role in how your face ages as you get older… there’s more to the story.

Many facial cosmetic surgery experts believe that external factors –– damage caused by sun exposure, smoking, extreme weather and temperatures, pollution, insufficient sleep, and prolonged stress –– have by far the greatest impact on your getting fine lines on your face and neck, squint lines and crows feet around your eyes, furrows in your forehead, those vertical lines between your brows, and sagging jowls at your lower face. We know what you’re thinking… “I can’t go hide from life or never go outside again.” Of course not, but here’s the good news –– all of us can get smarter about making the lifestyle changes that help decelerate the aging of the face. And when you feel you need more than lifestyle changes alone to turn back the clock, you have more choices than ever before in terms of facial cosmetic surgery. Today’s minimally invasive procedures offer remarkable options for reversing the signs of aging. These faster-healing procedures, all performed under local anesthesia, are among the secrets to the natural, refreshed “younger-you” look that most people want, and the perfect complement to behavioral changes.

facial cosmetic surgery

So, from treating thousands of facial cosmetic patients, we’ve compiled what we believe are seven secrets of faces that age well.

Secret #1: Be sun smart
Protect your face and neck from the harmful UVA/UVB rays that cause lines, wrinkles, dark spots, and leathery thickening of the skin. Use a SPF of 50 or above on your face and neck year-round and choose makeup with SPF of 15 or higher for further protection. Remember, sun damage has a cumulative effect on both the quality and quantity of skin, causing your face to age beyond your years.
TIP: If applying both sunscreen and insect repellent, apply the sunscreen first followed by the bug spray. That’s because bug sprays work by encompassing the area with repellency as they evaporate from your skin.

Secret #2: Stop smoking
Nicotine deprives the skin of oxygen. The result is dull, lifeless skin, lines, wrinkles, those feathery lines around the lips, and premature facial aging overall.

Secret #3: Think weather resistant
Cold weather, high winds, extreme heat, and pollution are tough on your skin. In addition to regular use of a SPF of 50 or higher, ask your dermatologist or facial cosmetic specialist about the advanced serums and other topical antioxidants available today to help rejuvenate facial skin.
TIP: Regular window glass does not block UVA/UVB rays so wear sunscreen even when in the car, whether summertime or a sunny winter day.

Secret #4: Reduce stress
No doubt this is easier said than done. However, all of that worry, anger and fretting translates to the “11’s” between your brows, furrows in your forehead and accelerated aging of the face overall. Prolonged stress also interferes with your getting a good night’s sleep, which also contributes to aging of the face. Worse yet, stress weakens your immune system and makes you susceptible to more serious health issues, including heart problems, diabetes, certain cancers, etc.
TIP: If you have a family history of depression or other mood disorders, find an expert in the field and ask about today’s screening tools to determine your risk.

Secret #5: Keep moving
Exercise is not only good for your body; the increased blood flow is also great for your facial skin. When in doubt, sit less and move more. Current thinking is to get a minimum of 150 minutes a week in moderate aerobic activity and some strength training at least two days a week that addresses major muscle groups of both the upper and lower body.

Secret #6: Eat healthy
Think “real food” versus processed or fast food. With everyone’s busy lives, it’s so easy to fall into the “grab something on the run” habit to fend off hunger, but that mentality shows up on our faces as dull-looking skin, premature sagging, and loss of the healthy skin glow from your younger years. People who age well know the power of veggies, fruits and protein for maintaining more youthful facial skin.

Secret #7: Facial cosmetic surgery
You might be surprised at how many people, starting in their 40s and more typically in their 50s and 60s (right on through their 70s), undergo facial cosmetic surgery or treatments and oftentimes more than once. They look at it simply as maintenance of their younger self, whether to stay competitive in the workforce, boost their confidence, or to look the best they can for their age, and to have their face look as young as they feel. Depending on your areas of concern, one or a combination of today’s minimally invasive facial cosmetic options may be ideal for you: Facelift, Eyelid Lift, Laser Skin Resurfacing, Botox, and Dermal Fillers.

One final secret: Laugh and enjoy each day as best you can. Happiness shows in your face. Life deals all of us a number of blows, but people who learn to make the best of things… to be grateful for what they have… to give thanks and help others… and who put a smile on their face seem to have a glow that no surgery can replicate.