5 Greatest Myths About Facial Cosmetic Surgery

Dr. Smyth shares “what to believe and not”.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery#1 You won’t look like yourself afterward.
In today’s world, the goal of facial cosmetic surgery is NATURAL — you should ALWAYS look like yourself after whatever procedure you may undergo. A successful result for a lower facelift/neck lift is to look like a refreshed “younger-you” –- NEVER the tight, pulled look of the past. For an upper or lower eyelid lift, you should look rested and bright-eyed –– NEVER have the wide-eyed, surprised look from years ago.

#2 Everyone will know you had something done.
Friends may guess you’ve had a facial cosmetic procedure only because you look so good, and you’re radiating happiness and a renewed sense of confidence. However, the incision lines of today’s minimally invasive facelift (Timeless Lift™) are not only extremely thin, they are tucked into the natural crease that all of us have in front of our ear, making them easy to hide during the healing period. Most women simply pull down a few pieces of hair to obscure the skinny lines, which fade altogether in short time.

#3 You can only have a facelift once in life, so wait until you really need it.
The minimally invasive facelift (Timeless Lift™) lasts six to 10 years on average for most people, after which it can be repeated and again provide outstanding results. Many of my patients from a decade ago are coming back to have another lift performed. They loved the results and again want to turn back the clock to look as young as they feel.

#4 You’ll need to take several weeks off from work or activities to heal after a facelift.
My patients come back into the office at eight days post-facelift to have their tiny sutures removed. Most then return to work and routine activities. For an eyelid lift, the sutures dissolve on their own within that first week post-procedure. I recommend waiting about two weeks post-facelift or eyelift to resume heavy exercise or lifting.

#5 Non-surgical treatments such as Kybella or CoolSculpting, or some creams and lotions can provide the same results as a facelift.
No non-surgical treatment, lotion, cream or serum –- whatever its price or promise –-can remove the loose, saggy skin on the face or eyelids that most of us get as part of the natural aging process. Treatments and products may be able to smooth the skin and temporarily improve texture, but they cannot tighten or eliminate loose jowls, draping of the neck or lift sagging cheeks for the long term.

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