3 questions to ask before having facial procedures

Make the conversation about “you” and your concerns and goals.

Facial Procedure Cincinnati, OHThis is an exciting time when it comes to turning back the clock via advances in facial rejuvenation. There are an increasing number of safe, proven and highly effective facial procedures –- both minimally invasive surgical facial procedures and non-surgical treatments –- that when performed by a skilled expert deliver the natural results you desire and have you back to work and social activities more quickly than ever before. The big question is, with all of today’s options… “What’s right for you?”

Here are three questions to ask before making a decision to have a facial procedure:

  1. Are facial procedures what you need or what the surgeon/physician likes to do?
    There can be a big difference between what you personally need or don’t need in terms of facial rejuvenation and what the surgeon/physician/esthetician likes to perform. It’s not that what they do could harm you but that their favorite procedure may not be the best solution for you. Do your research. Talk to several surgeons. Talk to prior patients. You want to feel comfortable in your decision that you’re getting what’s right for you. Bottom line, even the most phenomenal facial procedures are not always the best for everyone.
  2. Are facial procedures what you need at your age and stage of life?
    Dr. Smyth sees patients ranging in age from their late 30s through their 80s. Because we all age in different ways, there’s no “right age” to have specific facial procedures, whether a minimally invasive Timeless You™ facelift, upper or lower eyelid lift, facial laser skin resurfacing, brow lift, or a regimen of dermal fillers and Botox injections. While your friend may be having a facelift at age 50, you may need only fillers at age 60 and vice versa. Trust an experienced surgeon like Dr. Smyth –- not peer pressure or the “magical youth treatment” of the day –- to guide you in what you need (or don’t need) to regain and maintain your natural, younger-you look.
  3. Are facial procedures your best Investment?
    Just because a procedure is the latest trend or seen on TV, or in all of the fashion magazines doesn’t mean it works or works as touted. Many procedures and treatments come and go because they simply do not live up to their claims and yet they can cost a lot of money. Do the math. Ask how long the procedure/treatment will typically last and figure your investment per day over that period of time. Compare that cost to other options. You should also ask if you’ll see immediate results from the procedure/treatment, or if results take weeks or months to appear. Finally, compare the results and cost of today’s proven surgical and non-surgical procedures/treatments to what you spend or have spent in the past on lotions and creams that fail to deliver the results you expect.